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The post in the above link pretty much sums up the basics! Any and all of my characters could be available for RP wherever/whenever you want! Just drop me a PM if you're interested ;)

Rave Reviews

Ulrin Lightbringer is a very multisided character played by a pretty awesome player. There's more to the sorcerer than meets the eye, and he's more than interesting enough to want to find out more about him.

Even more awesome though is the way he acts, he acts and feels like a true person and that is the true power of Ulrin. The character can be selfish, and petty, but also jolly and kind. I've loved every RP I've had with him and can't wait to have more. Kudo's to Ropeman. - XinonHyena
Don't RP or OOC with Earendill if you value the ability to not be in tears from laughter, or if you like not having your gut hurt from the above. Seriously. AVOID him.

I'm still recovering from a severe attack on my health from this man. Every time he comes on IT JUST GETS WORSE.

Send help - Tate

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