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Hello everyone!
Come give me some hugs if you come see my page. I'm not used to hugs, but I would love if you could give me one.

I'm pretty shy about writing sometimes but I really like role-playing. I am fine with smut, violence, and swearing. I have some weird interests so please always feel open with me.

I really like playing games and even watching them. I love drawing along with writing. Maybe sometime I might upload an art picture that I've drawn into my bio.


But anyway, I'm trying to broaden my writing skills so if we roleplay feel free to show me how I can improve my writing.

I love Detroit: Become Human (love roleplaying it). Eddsworld, many many animes, musicals. Many other things.

Rave Reviews

Hey i know i havent know you for that long.But your a great person i love how you express your character and keep the story going.Keep of the good work. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - awsomegameknight

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