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Well Well Well, what have we here?

Call me EM, I've been rping for awhile now. Bounced around from a few sites but this one. It looked special!

I'll be very upfront, I kinda love the idea of meeting someone special. Nothing serious but I have ideas on the kinda characters I wanna make, and romance is on their mind. If they aren't here for love or romance then I will make that VERY obvious. Though I do love to just chat and kick it.

Please come on by and say hi! I would love to meet anyone and everyone!

My rp schedule: I am EST and when I'm here I'm here from 8am-5pm

Sunday: Available
Monday: Available
Tuesday: Available
Wednesday: Available
Thursday: Not Available
Friday: Not Available
Saturday: Not Available

I try to get back to my stories and I'm patient but if it's been more than a week without a word I will either reach out. Or assume I've been ghosted but that's because I don't like to bother people too much. I feel icky about it.

My characters have general backgrounds but aren't in stone. If you like one but want to change up their background. So like have them not be a vampire or ask one to be a vampire. I am flexible about that.

Please don't judge me!
I won't lie I can get addicted to a good smut scene BUT that's why I REALLY like making a plot and having our characters have depth. It gives me motivation! I do prefer smut based rp, but enjoy romance with the right story and characters

Rave Reviews

I’ve just met this dude! He’s awesome, that humor and the roleplay skills aswell? GIRL try him out, give this guy a chance, he’ll make your day. Literally.

He comes with ideas often! And is never afraid to be who he is! He’s creative and funny, always up for a change.

Last thing to add his that he responds quick, sets up good time! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - zephir
There is too much I can say about EM, he is an amazing partner that helps me stay creative. He challenges me and keeps me pushing to get better with each post. Always a thrill when i see a reply from him Creative ideas Long-term partner - CherryPepsi

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