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Hello and welcome to my profile!

You can call me Efrik. I've been roleplaying for more than 7 years if I'm not mistaken, perhaps more, writing is definitely one of my biggest passions in life. I am completely okay with any length and there's no need to match mine unless I write something really long and meaningful, then I'd expecting something in accordance to that.

I can write any genre, there are no limits for me as I have no triggers. I welcome everything! Let it be adventure, romance, angst, fluff and the occasional smut. I won't write any mature or NSFW content if the person in question is a minor or sensitive to such material.

Regarding romance, I am completely okay with multi-shipping but as long as there's chemistry and it is agreed by both parties here. No one likes forced shipping.

Please do not attempt any kind of godmodding, no one is allowed to go beyond the limits unless it has been agreed on.

I am a very friendly person and I always do my best to approach people when I'm able, there is no need to feel intimidated or afraid of me, everyone is welcome to approach me as long as they're friendly in return.

That said, I do not tolerate drama at all. If anyone has an issue with me I'd prefer to solve it in private and talk about it like mature people. I shall not hesitate to take action if I feel someone is pushing troubles on my way. I always make sure to be as respectful as I can be, but being rude towards me for no reason will get you nowhere.

Crossovers with canon characters are welcome, but I might refrain from writing them if I'm not familiar with the character/franchise in question.

English is not my native language so I apologize in advance if my wording and/or literature are a little off or confusing, I've been able to improve this over the years but I still make some mistakes here and there.

I deserve the right to choose who I roleplay with and who I do not. This is not me being picky, snooty or exclusive, it's me looking out for myself by being cautious with people out there. If you messaged me and I didn't reply, it's likely because you didn't state your intentions clearly from the get-go. Otherwise, I make sure to reply even if it's to decline politely.

I do replies whenever I am able, but of course, I have matters in real life that I must take care of, it's okay to remind me of replying as long as it is done politely and not frequently.

Unless your character is a canon character belonging to the same fandom my characters are from that has interacted with them in-game/personally, I'll assume they don't know anyone.

Lastly, please do not hesitate to approach me! I promise I'm very friendly once you get to know me. Even if we end up not actually getting along, I don't mind roleplaying with you.

That's it for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this, feel free to message me if you'd like to start something or plot!

Rave Reviews

Efrik is a fabulous gent that I am only starting to get to know. However, I do wish I had started doing so earlier as he is positively wonderful. Efrik is the kind of guy to always have an ear, and when discussing any topic he has an open mind, as well as an open heart. Calm, and friendly to the core, Efrik is also a good writer. He's got some spunk in his step which can give you some delightful surprises. Thank you for being who you are, Efrik and a part of my life. <3 - Demilicious
Efrik is a talented writer and a good friend. He knows how to move the plot along and keep things interesting. His characters all have a depth to them that can draw you in. Wanting to know more about them and how they would respond. I enjoy the RPs that I have going with Efrik and like seeing the story develop along with our characters. Long posts Long-term partner - Krispythekritter

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