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I love to create characters and stories, but my attention span is awful. I give myself whiplash alot.

If I disappear for days at a time, I'm probably in the dungeons of my mind, battling my demons. I'll return :)

Other Random Facts

I'm an inch too tall to be considered a dwarf.

I have two cats, Kolya and Vasilisa, named from a Russian fairytale.

My IRL name means "brings rain". I love rain.

I have bipolar disorder. Wheeeeeee.

I add sour cream to macaroni and cheese. Dare you to try it 😉

I'm a shopaholic.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Favorite Movie: Howls Moving Castle

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Video Game: Bloodborne


"I don't need an invisibility cloak. I'm asexual."

Rave Reviews

An RP just kind of happened with Calypso and I have to say she is a fun, joyful flowerchild to write with! There is depth of feeling in their replies, and she makes it easy to write a response! The interaction is smooth and she brings some really cool creativity to the story! Give her character page a read! You will most likely enjoy it! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Shadow-Ranger

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