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Basic Info

Name: Elisora
Nickname: Eli
Roleplay Status: Active.
Preferred Genre: Fantasy
Time: CST
Note: Because of life, I could be gone for a month, perhaps longer. So if we do have a RP, please be patient with me. ♡

Rave Reviews

For about the year and half I’ve known Elisora, I can say with hundred percent certainty that she’s an amazing person and friend, both online and offline. If you ever wanna talk about characters or random stuff she’s great at it, and possibly the best at it. ^-^ - -Glass_o_Water-
Honestly, there's probably a lot of things to say, but for now, there's limited words for that. Elisora here, by gods has gave me many laughs and goofy adventures with our characters in a Roleplay. Though we're still knowing each other slowly, but like they mentioned before, we're probably going to be the best of friends for a good while. They're a gud roleplayer if not amazing, fun to chat in OOC and overall a lovely peep to meet and have a talk y'know? I encourage you to try and talk to them<3 - JustAPlayer

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