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Roleplay Status - Active


Finished Characters

Pixie Monarch Blossomwing

Amara - Blackwood Siblings

Skye - The Black Pearl Pirate Crew


Characters Under Construction

Ramoth Esmeralda Silverblood

Alolan Hellenes Eburamu

Bloodmoon Wolf Pack


Ianthe Azarune Iottedale

Kalani Quiosavar Lozerous

La Lorena


Lyra Ramira Goldenseal


Shadow Octavia Navaki


Storm Sapphyra Lancaster


Update: I am open to RP, but I will be slow with replies as I have other things that I am doing. So, it could take a few weeks before you get a reply. If that is something you have problems with, I apologize but you may need to move on. >.< I will get replies in as soon as I can. Don't fret.


Welcome To My Profile. Please, Make Yourself Comfortable During Your Stay~


About Me

Now that that's out of that way, hi there! The name's Celine, or Elisora on here, and as far as you'll ever know, I'm from Narnia.~ I have been roleplaying for quite a few years now. But I am still slowly progressing. How did I get here? Well, a friend of mine suggested this site to me...last year I believe? And I have been here since, and have made many friends here.~

Likes & Dislikes

Rave Reviews

You helped me figure this site out and I'm so thankful for that thank you sibling <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Satany
Honestly, there's probably a lot of things to say, but for now, there's limited words for that. Elisora here, by gods has gave me many laughs and goofy adventures with our characters in a Roleplay. Though we're still knowing each other slowly, but like they mentioned before, we're probably going to be the best of friends for a good while. They're a gud roleplayer if not amazing, fun to chat in OOC and overall a lovely peep to meet and have a talk y'know? I encourage you to try and talk to them<3 - JustAPlayer

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