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Character Info:
Everyone is a work in progress or needs some retouches, be patient pls. ♡

Fun Facts:

• I don't ghost. Although, it might take me a while to respond due to writer's block. So, don't hate on me.
• I have high creativity and wild imagination, so, a character bio may change completely. I'm sorry. >.<
• If you ever need character ideas or a photo I'll be more than happy to help! I have dozens of pictures and will be more than happy to give you some.
• I also make pretty little graphics like the one at the top of my profile. I can make you one if you'd like. ^-^
• Sometimes, I will be online and not reply to your mail. That I probably because I have either forgotten I have this open, or, I am working on a character. Do be patient ~
• If I ever delete a character, check my Multiple Characters profile. I probably put them there because there is a character I'd rather feature more than that character specifically.
• I prefer to RP in Dms, I can never keep up with forums and eventually get behind. Make it easy for meh.



Henlo. ^-^ The name's Elisora! Friends call me Eli or other nicknames they have given me. It's a pleasure meeting you and I hope you'll enjoy the fantasies I have to offer! My RP preferences are Fantasy, Romance, Action, Sci-Fi, and Modern. I'll be honest, I have not done a horror RP yet, but, I'd love to do one if you'd like, but don't judge me if I am not up to par with some of you guys.



Judge me all ya'll want. Kpop is part of my music. r.r To my kpop peoples, I'm part of Army, Black Rose, STAY, and Atiny! ^-^


Bias: Min Yoongi ( Suga )

Bias Wrecker: Kim Namjoon ( RM )



Bias: Kim Woosung ( Woosung )

Bias Wrecker: Lee Hajoon ( Hajoon )



Bias: Hwang Hyunjin ( Hyunjin )


Bias Wrecker: Lee Felix ( Felix )




Bias: Park Seong Hwa ( Seonghwa )

Bias Wrecker: Song Mingi ( Mingi )



Mochi, Star Princess. - Carter

Lemon Girl, Little Lemon, Lemon Queen, Little One. - Reckless

Shadow - Bunneh



Here are some shoutouts to my lovelies on this game. Ya'll deserve the world and so much more. ^-^ I'm glad we all became friends and I hope it stays that way. ♡.♡


You and I met off-site and became friends almost instantly. It's been at least a year now, and I consider you my brother at this point. With us, it's ride or die.♡


I also met you off-site, and we grew closer day by day. No matter the ups and downs, we always stuck together. I wish the best for you, always have, and I hope to give you a smile every day for the rest of my life. Together, we'll accomplish anything. ♡


While you haven't been on here long, I've known you the longest. You're my best friend. But, I am still going to call you bro, or Bunneh as always, because you prefer that. We've made many memories together, and I'll cherish them always. I love you, my corgi twin. ♡


You're a frickin brat, I'mma say it now. You tease the crap out of me, but I'm glad to call you my friend. We argue over some stupid stuff, and it makes me smile every time, I won't lie. Hopefully, we stay friends forever, no matter how irritating you can be, 'cause you're a brat. But, you're my best friend. Alien~♡

Rave Reviews

Honestly, there's probably a lot of things to say, but for now, there's limited words for that. Elisora here, by gods has gave me many laughs and goofy adventures with our characters in a Roleplay. Though we're still knowing each other slowly, but like they mentioned before, we're probably going to be the best of friends for a good while. They're a gud roleplayer if not amazing, fun to chat in OOC and overall a lovely peep to meet and have a talk y'know? I encourage you to try and talk to them<3 - JustAPlayer
For about the year and half I’ve known Elisora, I can say with hundred percent certainty that she’s an amazing person and friend, both online and offline. If you ever wanna talk about characters or random stuff she’s great at it, and possibly the best at it. ^-^ - -Glass_o_Water-

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