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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 13
  • Birthday: January 26

I will never ghost you~ I'm active almost everyday but the times are very random so some of my tries to messages or anything could be an hour apart at some points.

I'm not an experienced role player but I try to impress! I would appreciate it if you could give me tips and I'll try to do better 🖤

I'll do all roleplays(Except for western) but my favorite is fantasy. I'll cut off a character or create a new one if the need arises.

I'll do a romance roleplay as well but Id like it if we took things slow in that instead of like immediately going to sex (if that happens I will probably break off the romance)

I would also appreciate if you didn't leave me hanging and instead told me if you have to leave for some reason please🖤

I have many characters that i am not able to add to here so feel free to ask about them!

If you ever want to RP with me feel free to pm me and i'll message back when i can.
My Favorite Anime Shows/Manga
Mo Dao Zu Shi
Leaf and Bell
BJ Alex
Poem I made:

Everyone has their own promise.
The promise of protection.
The promise of friendship.
The promise of companionship.
But everyone is familiar with a certain promise,
The promise of love, the promise that they will cherish your heart for all of eternity and then one day... They break that promise, shattering your heart into pieces, we all think the pieces will be forever broken... Until you meet the one who carefully puts your heart together one piece at a time until only the scars remain, scars tender to the touch... But all scars fade. Eyes full of warmth, a kiss full of bliss and love like a dream which encompasses your entire being in a protective layer for they shall protect your heart for all eternity and will always bring you happiness.

Rave Reviews

  • For about the year and half I’ve known Elisora, I can say with hundred percent certainty that she’s an amazing person and friend, both online and offline. If you ever wanna talk about characters or random stuff she’s great at it, and possibly the best at it. ^-^
    -- -Glass_o_Water-
  • Honestly, there's probably a lot of things to say, but for now, there's limited words for that. Elisora here, by gods has gave me many laughs and goofy adventures with our characters in a Roleplay. Though we're still knowing each other slowly, but like they mentioned...
    -- JustAPlayer

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