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I still can't remember where that silly TARDIS is parked.

If you wanna RP, I'm game! I've got a lot of weird characters stores in my brain, so odds are I can make something work for most things. I am also good at being vague about the thing and the stuff.

Message me! :D I like attention.

If you wanna play with me: I tend to like writing longer posts sometimes, especially if I'm setting up a scene because I have a big mouth and words get away from me. PLEASE do not feel like you have to do the same in return!! I don't expect big posts just because I made a big post, though I do like a paragraph or two to work off of. I always think about it like you've written an email to someone, a longish email that's maybe more than a paragraph. And you get back like, "k. ;)" or somesuch.

I'm not picky about grammar or spelling, it's the effort that counts! Make effort and all is well, because then we're both making effort and having fun. You dig? Excellent! :D

Some of my character profiles are not tremendously fleshed out, as I enjoy fleshing them out as I play my characters (cop-out!),and like most RPers I have far more characters than this site has room for. So, seriously, if you have ANY INTEREST AT ALL in threading with me, please! I love to play things!

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I think I have known (and RPed with) Ell for a decade now. In all our years, she has never stopped being a STUNNING writer and an amazing friend! - Ilmarinen

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