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Hey there!
The name’s Ely, and I’ve been roleplaying for quite some time now. I'm a storywriter, tend to type a couple paragraphs or so per post, and love world-building, collaboration, and characters with unique backstories. That said, I am definitely more of a quality over quantity person! I'll generally stick to fantasy or sci-fi settings, and either play in worlds I've been building for years or those based on games/anime. I'm always open to throw something together and bounce ideas around, so feel free to send ideas my way!

Update 11/21/2020:
Dealing with a huge family situation and starting a new job, will
likely take me a week to get back on track and to a regular schedule
with posting again. Thank you to my partners for understanding! <3

About my Characters

Some general things to know:
  • I put extra details on their pages – I don’t expect you to see all of it! But I'll be glad if you do
  • Things like ‘History’ and ‘Abilities’ are most important, other than the landing page.
  • I like keeping my characters flexible, so feel free to ask about anything :)
  • I won't ever have a character do something without leaving a reasonable window for yours to respond, and appreciate the same in return!

About my RP Style

I like fantasy and sci-fi settings most, but will do modern with some characters.
  • Let’s establish why our characters meet and where before getting started
  • If you prefer to dive right in after that, let me know! I can totally do this, but I do love collaborating.
  • Romance and anything 18+ should evolve naturally in the roleplay, and not all characters will do intimate settings.
  • Again, I’m generally more flexible than the detail on my character pages implies!
  • See here for a list of game/anime stuff I like in rp.

My Carrd (A few extra characters there)
My Muse - (Made here)
And for those curious, my icon is from here
Yes, I might make her a character... someday :3
A heavenly wolf that strikes out on her own,
more often than she probably needs to.


Myers Briggs (I tend to flow between these):
The Entertainer
The Commander
The Executive

Here's to our many adventures to come! ;D

Rave Reviews

I wish I could mark more then 2 boxes. Elysian is awesome! Our Rp is one of my top favorite Rp of all time. Elysian been helpful with advice with characters. Honestly There flexible and are willing to work with you. They are helpful and relaxed and come up with epic ideas for my own character. If you need a friend or Rp buddy. Elysian is one that won’t let you down Creative ideas Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23

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