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Hi there!
The name’s Ely, I’ve been roleplaying for... some time now. I am a storywriter, meaning I tend to type two or more paragraphs per post and I love world-building and characters with developed backstories. That's not to say I'm choosy, I prefer quality over quantity! I'll generally stick to fantasy or sci-fi settings, and either play in worlds I've been building for years or those based on games/series.

I've just recently gotten back active on RPR, and can also use Discord for roleplay.

What's that? You need more? Well, okay.

Personalities? Yeah, I tend to kind of flow between these:
The Entertainer
The Executive
The Commander
(Don't let those last two scare you!)

Here's to our many adventures to come! ;D

Rave Reviews

I wish I could mark more then 2 boxes. Elysian is awesome! Our Rp is one of my top favorite Rp of all time. Elysian been helpful with advice with characters. Honestly There flexible and are willing to work with you. They are helpful and relaxed and come up with epic ideas for my own character. If you need a friend or Rp buddy. Elysian is one that won’t let you down Creative ideas Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23

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    Ramika makes me laugh pretty much every time we talk! Our roleplay is definitely in my top favorites. Our characters work great together, and I've been really enjoying our OOC conversations too! Her characters and writing come to life in ways that just work so well, and bouncing ideas back and forth as well as her own creative contributions are all great experiences that I look forward to :) Great sense of humor Creative ideas
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