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"As the stars burn bright, a interstellar wolf howls for it's elders."

Hello there, and welcome to my profile! I'm Ember_Wolf! But you can just call me Ember!

I'm just your local Space Furry, I'm really into sci-fi, adventure and worldbuilding, coated in an icing of brutality and violence. In addition, my hobbies include Legos, Video Games, and Riding Bikes. I've been in the RP Community for longer than I remember, and my writing skills have grown since my first few days of Roleplay.

I'm quite a shy individual, but I usually happen to be quite friendly if you start a conversation with me, just do be aware that I end up making very large posts and may not be able to respond to them quickly.

Status: Active
Feeling: Grieving over a lost friend...

Woof! Image was made by Aspen on FT! Ember Kamura belongs to me!

Currently residing somewhere in North America!


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I think Ember is definitely a person to pay close attention to. He has a very interesting and unique way of roleplaying, and uses a very extensive vocabulary as well. Both of these factors are very much interesting and eye catching when choosing someone to roleplay with. While I haven’t been roleplaying with him for very long, it’s clear to see- he makes his characters to get a specific type of reaction, and there’s nothing you can do but give it to him. That’s talent. - TaeOreo
Has an interesting way of doing a RP and I don't mind it. I hope others will try to RP with him too. Ember will ask you if you wish to do something one way or Ember might have a different way at doing things. - Dark_Cupid

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