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Hello there, and welcome to my profile! I'm Ember_Wolf! But you can just call me Ember!

A Sci-fi loving furry who plays Video games! I love Plotmaking and Worldbuilding, so I can make some intresting lore! I'm currently practicing in hope of becoming an artist and I love to roleplay! Usually found online quite a bit and usually pretty kind so feel free to PM me if you want me in your Roleplay!

Status: Online

Activity Notes: I'm usually not active during Mid-Day, but I always check my inbox when I can, I am usually active 24/7 on Weekends

Woof! Image was made by Aspen on FT! Ember Kamura belongs to me!

Currently residing somewhere in North America!


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Has an interesting way of doing a RP and I don't mind it. I hope others will try to RP with him too. Ember will ask you if you wish to do something one way or Ember might have a different way at doing things. - Dark_Cupid
This is so long overdue. Ember here was among the first people I met on here, and ever since then we've had the most thrilling sci-fi adventures I've ever had on this site together! He's big into world-building and thinking up exciting plots, and every character he throws at you is written with precision and skill. He's so loyal and creative and a fun dude to talk to OOCly as well, always caught up in fascinating projects and such. Cheers, my man! - GarnaalProductions

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    As a long-time member of the RP community, I feel that I need to complement FlamingPsycho for being such a good RP partner. Their writing skills are very interesting and descriptive, and their characters are also quite creative and fun to roleplay with! Our current Roleplay is going strong and is quite enjoyable!

    I'm always glad to roleplay with such a great user! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    1 month ago
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    What else can I say other than the fact that they're such an outstanding writer and have given such a wonderful plot to work with! They're also amazingly patient, which is always a relief, as my schedule is a bit wild. 15/10 person to RP with, can't wait to continue on! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    1 month ago