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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: October 13

Hello there, and welcome to my profile! I'm Ember_Wolf! But you can just call me Ember!

A Sci-fi loving furry who plays Video games! I love Plotmaking and Worldbuilding, so I can make some intresting lore! I'm currently practicing in hope of becoming an artist and I love to roleplay! Usually found online quite a bit and usually pretty kind so feel free to PM me if you want me in your Roleplay!

Status: Online

Activity Notes: I'm usually not active during Mid-Day, but I always check my inbox when I can, I am usually active 24/7 on Weekends

Woof! Image was made by Aspen on FT! Ember Kamura belongs to me!

Currently residing somewhere in North America!


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Rave Reviews

  • Has an interesting way of doing a RP and I don't mind it. I hope others will try to RP with him too. Ember will ask you if you wish to do something one way or Ember might have a different way at doing things.
    -- Dark_Cupid
  • This is so long overdue. Ember here was among the first people I met on here, and ever since then we've had the most thrilling sci-fi adventures I've ever had on this site together! He's big into world-building and thinking up exciting plots, and every character he...
    -- GarnaalProductions

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