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This girl is just a sweetheart! To be honest, we haven’t had more than one or two rps together, and that’s like a year ago or something, but I really love chatting with her! Like, we don’t talk about something.. but yet we do, you know? She’s just an amazing person, really, and I look forward to a longlasting friendship with her ♡

Much #Nathon love from here, even though we still need that rp, lmao <33 - Panda-Girl
Teeno/Ems is the kindest and most caring person you'll ever know. Her heart is made of gold, and she's very loving and outgoing. I can't even begin to describe how much I love her, I just can't but it into words. Just know she's very lovable and friendly. She's truly amazing.

- Amalie xx - amalieduve

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