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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 41

Hi, I'm Halo, I live here now.

A little more about me. I've been writing stories since grade school (I did fanfic before I knew it was a thing), I've been roleplaying since the late 90s (AOL chat rooms & forums), I've been modding games since 2006 on and off, and now I bring myself here.

I tend to play mostly females especially in one on one scenarios, though in groups and games, I'll expand my cast to include my boys. I tend not to be as shippy with my boys as my girls, but if the chemistry is there, I let it ride.

Status: Semi-officially on RP hiatus indefinitely, but I'll be around to chat.

RP Preferences

  • Way pickier about 1 x 1 partners than group RPers. It's not you; I just have limited time for 1 x 1s and want to thoroughly enjoy the ones I have.
  • Paragraphs. Depending on the content of the scene, I can get a little prolific. I don't expect consistent matching, but I do expect something to work with - so no one-liners.
  • Grammar/spelling/punctuation. I need to be able to easily read what you're writing, or I can't accurately respond. Mistakes happen, it's cool, but if your reply is more mistakes than not, we won't get on well.
  • Third person. Past tense preferred, but I can work with present tense. First person is right out.
  • No anime-style art. I strongly prefer PBs (played-bys. Or face-claims), though CGI/realistic art is fine too.
  • 18+ only. Players need to be adults. Playing younger characters in non-sexual situations is fine, but the player needs to be an adult.
  • Smut-friendly. While adult situations don't need to be part of every RP, I'm amenable to playing with sexual situations should they occur organically between our characters.
  • Anthro-friendly. Some characters will be more amenable than others, however.
  • Multiple-character friendly. A lot of my kids exist in the same universe and I'm more than happy to put them all in the same RP. It'd be cool if you did multiples, too.
  • Anon-friendly. The most I might ask for proof is a link to something in the AO forum to prove you're 18+.
  • Ghost-friendly. You want to bail and not say why? No harm, no foul. If I haven't heard from you in a week I'll consider us quits.


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