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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: March 29

Hello, my name is EnderTNT123456 and below are something you might need to know about me

1. I live in the USA
- to be specific, Iowa, so that means that the time zones might be different from yours

2. I can do anything
- if you think that one of my characters would fit into your story, just let me know, or I will make a new one to use just for your RP if you want me to be a part of it

3. Groups
- I can do ok in groups if I am only playing one or two characters

Side note: I am looking for someone that could make my characters happen, aka, need an artist to make profile pictures, if you know anyone or are one, let me know!

Side side note: I am still adding characters and rewriting backstories, so stay tuned

That's is it, for now, just DM me with any other questions
wej ghom maH jatlhqa'

Rave Reviews

  • This man, has alot of creativity. He is so in depth with his characters and there is constant discussion of what is going to happen next. He'll always add some sort of twist
    -- Stevie4777
  • Ender is such an amazing roleplayer and an amazing friend! We have spent huge chunk of our nights working together to build our characters and the place where they live so much that it almost clogs our DMs. Besides that, he is super logical in how he makes things and...
    -- TheNightmareSavage

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