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Enii | They/Them | Shy
Um,, Hi. I'm Enii, I'm really bad at making friends.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I get really low due to it. This means my replies can sometimes adruptly stop and I might even drop our roleplay for a bit to recharge.
- I take frequent naps. -

My profile is Non-Binary themed. I am in the closet about it - don't out me if you know me on other platforms. I will block you.

Autism Friendly/LGBTQ+ Friendly/Disabled Friendly

Current Status:

Eniiko's Characters

Eniiko either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Haven't replayed with them a lot yet, but their descriptive text, passion, and wonderfully unique characters are a must have to roleplay with! Going to enjoy the future with them! - Dharlas
Ever since discovering each other, our interests and characters immediately lined up, and I’m dying to see where our plots will end up. How does someone not only write so fast, but so good as well? Eniiko is is truly talented writer, be it on the laptop or the phone. Long posts Fast responses - CrystalDisc

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