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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Non-binary
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: June 25

Enii | They/Them | Shy
Um,, Hi. I'm Enii, I'm really bad at making friends.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I get really low due to it. This means my replies can sometimes adruptly stop and I might even drop our roleplay for a bit to recharge.
- I take frequent naps. -

Extended Intro
I've been blessed with a weird mental cocktail of genetic depression, severe social anxiety, and one or two other things I'm not confident enough to say over the internet.

I'm an adult. Painfully bad at messaging out of character, and I enjoy long detailed stories. I have been role-playing since 2012 and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I work from home due to my disabilities and have been happily in a relationship for over two years now.
Friendly Links
Instagram: Click here!
Business only!

Discord: Rabbit Hearted#0001
Come Chat!

Steam: Enii.ko
Wanna game?
Roleplay Rules
You can find these on my character profiles!
Coming soon!


IRL Updates
Just adopted a parrot! Busy!
Looking For
Long term Fantasy/Adventure Roleplays, highly selective for plots right now.
Roleplay Quirks
Coming Soon

Current Status: Very busy! Slow Replies!

Rave Reviews

  • Haven't replayed with them a lot yet, but their descriptive text, passion, and wonderfully unique characters are a must have to roleplay with! Going to enjoy the future with them!
    -- Dharlas

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