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Been doing a lot of experimental rps! Scenes start up and sometimes abruptly stop. I apologize to anyone who's rping with me if this comes to pass! I've taken a new stance in the last couple months to prioritize mutual enjoyment in scenes. If you, or I, find ourselves not enjoying the rp to any degree, that does not mean we have to slog uncomfortably through it! I hope you or anyone else that rps with me always feels comfortable just letting me know they are not having fun any more! There are no hard feelings about you wanting to drop a scene! So, please forgive me too if I look out for my own enjoyment as well! <3

<3 I am open to talk with any and all of my old friends again! So please feel free to message me! I've missed a lot of you, and would enjoy even just the small talk <3


To anyone new stopping by, well, you've caught me at an interesting time lol
Im keeping my profile basic, as I have been making a return to RPing, and am prioritizing less my previous habits of committing so much focus to RPR.

My name is Sam, but everyone usually just sticks to: ENKELI
I am an RPer with over 15 years of RPing between Live RP Chatrooms and Forums Chats

I enjoy Themes of Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, and Worldbuilding!

I play a mix of Male and Female characters, and Heavily lean away from Humans! I have the humorous belief in my RPing, that since I myself am a boring human IRL, I do not care to play them in my RPs! So you will never find me piloting a human! I love my demons, monsters and fantasy races!!! Same tends to go for my partners too. You have to have something REALLY SPECIAL going on for me to find humans interesting! bahahaha!

I am also not a fan of IRL Face Claims for characters. Breaks the escapism of RPing for me. I try to support artists as best as I can, so have been working over the years to get more and more of my characters commissioned! <3

I post in 3rd person, and no less than 1-2 Paragraphs per post. Total length varies from RP to RP.

Lastly, I will be keeping all communication and activity strictly to RPR. I will not join any discord groups, revolving around RP groups. Historically speaking, I have just found nothing but stress to come from them. Nothing against those who partake in them, and utilize them in great ways! I have learned through experience though that they are not for me.

Any questions? I dont bite! Feel free to reach out, and we can chat!

Much Luv - And Dont Forget!
Always lookout for #1

Rave Reviews

EnkeliAgon is a very sweet person with many beautifully crafted characters. I love how they notice people and give respectful insight all across RPR! They seem to have many creative ideas and it's lovely to see them in their characters! 20/15 One good egg. Helpful Creative ideas - Kruhee
Been roleplaying with EnkeliAgon for five months now and he is a ton of fun, a very laid back and a very literate rper. You won't regret starting up a roleplay with him, I promise you. - Katia

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