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About The Author!

How's it going everyone! My name is Sam, or, Enkeli, if you're a fan of the title! =P

To start things off, I consider myself to be a Rated M RPer, so have an open mind to things if you're looking to get something going! Ill be doing just the same! Im very flexible!

I've got a decade of RPing under my belt! It's been an amazing adventure that I only plan to keep continuing! Join me in making the stories last forever!

I play both male and female characters! Keep an eye on my character list and eventually you will see both genders popping up.
For those who are going to end up asking... Yes, i am a male. Hope you're not closed minded about this!
With my characters, male or female, i put a lot of thought and work into them, so you better bet your butt i put the same care into my RPs with them! =)

One Quick Note! I dont actually like random friend request... ^^;
I have no issue at all befriending people! I just dont like when they pop up and we have literally never spoken before...
Seriously though... just message me and chat me up for, like, a single post XD Just so we know each other and have something to talk about, ya know? Send me a friend request only after it seems like we have kicked it off and are cool chit chatting. (FYI: I AM NOT HARD TO GET ALONG WITH!) <3

RPs with Me

~~~I am generally a very descriptive individual. I will do para-posts more often than most, though at times I may bump it up to multi-para. I do not require that my partners match my post lengths, but I do request that RP's never drop down into one-liners or much less than one paragraph.

~~~I sometimes like to post lengthy solo scenarios as well, often depicting what goes on in my characters life while not engaged with other players. I certainly invite anyone to follow along with them should you ever see them pop up. You can usually learn a lot from my solo posts, and I try to keep them very interesting as well!

~~~As for getting the RP started, I am a free form player. I love original ideas, original characters, and prefer finding a base plot to go off of rather than planning too much and see it go nowhere.

~~~I am a sucker for good looking pictures!!! Please Have Images if you want to RP with me!!! I appreciate peoples artistic abilities, but allow me to be 100% Transparent! The first thing I do when looking at profiles and characters is look at the pictures and see if they aesthetically match my own style and tastes. I am a horrible person for this, and it has lead to me turning away LOTS of RP's, because I picture everything about an RP in my mind while writing and reading posts. I appreciate Everyones artistic talent! I envy it even!... but... for the RP, I look for comparable references that are in line with my own.

~~~A big grievance i have when it comes to RPs...
Ive been RPing for over 10 years. Ive been on live chats, forum chats, and even done Notebook RPs with people IRL. One thing i just cant bring myself to do is RP with what is essentially a thrown together character. No profile, no structure, no distinct background and actual work put into the character? Makes me feel like someone just rolled the dice and used a number chart of character traits to build their toon. Can people create characters on the spot who end up being awesome! No doubt you can! Its just a huge bugaboo if i cant see that represented in a profile though! Over 10 years of putting up with cliche` throw-rag characters has done this to me, sadly. Im sure everyone has their own pet-peeves though.

My RP Style consists of
- Fantasy
- Horror
- Romance
- Adventure
- Smut/Erotica
- ...sometimes all wrapped up into one

My Views on NSFW

So, that which can fall under the ruling of NSFW have always been interesting to me. I'm the kind of person who finds topics of Adult Nature to be regular areas of conversation. I RP with such content regularly. Violence, language, drugs/alcohol and other simple topics. As for areas of sexual nature, I'm not shy of that either within my RP's. Actually, Sexual Content is almost Guaranteed in an RP with me. I enjoy ERP. That being said though, there are Laws and Rules that everyone needs to be in line with.

Do Not Ever Approach Me With Such (+18) Topics If You Are Using 'Anonymous' Characters. Age is Law in this matter.
The only exception to this is if we have agreed to RP through meeting on the +18 Forums. I am aware that plenty of people use Anon characters, so as long as our RP was organized through the use of that forum, everything is ok.

That being said, if you're +18 and are interested in such content and topics, just be sure you're characters are openly linked to your account and that it can be seen you are of age. Don't be a creep. Don't be a perv. Be a decent being, and a good RPer, and we will see if an RP ever leads us to such fields of RPing.


Update WIP

~ Listed here are my characters and whether or not they are engaged in an RP! I'm sorry to say, but I am a sucker for character development, and i can rarely bring myself to RP in 2 places at once. I feel it risks contradicting the stories that are made, so things just don't add up the right way! If I ever feel my characters are wrapped up in something too tightly, ill be sure it is marked here below!

~ [Open] Characters are the ones who are currently un-involved in an RP or Story here on RPR, OR, I can still use them even if they are currently involved in something.

~ [Closed] Characters are the ones who are actively involved in a story at the moment, and unfortunately will not be available for RP.

~One additional note!~
Just because my characters are open does not mean you will be automatically accepted for an RP. Nor does it Imply that I am actively looking for an RP with that character. I can, and will, say no to an RP if it is something I am not quite feeling, or with a character I am not quite in the mood to be using.

ROSTER UPDATE... eventually...


(and for anyone who was curious. The name Enkeli Agon, translated, 'Angels Agony') =)


So... I have a profile, but, I Am Not An Artist. =(
This is just so I can view people's work, and hopefully commission people if i ever want to buy some work! =P
My Not So Important Profile...

Rave Reviews

Enkeli is an excellent writer, who brings both lovingly crafted characters and an art for storytelling, to the table. But while his prose is beautiful, it was his maturity and his OOC attitude that I found to be truly rare. He is one of those unique individuals that are near impossible to dislike and so very easy to trust. An honest and considerate teammate, possessed with the talent and creativity to breathe magic into any story. - Lockroach
Though it's been a while since I had an RP with him I do think that he very much deserves a kudo. He really does speak the truth when he says he's a descriptive individual and he can always be counted on to give a perfect image. He's also a fun and extremely interesting RPer who keeps his responses sprightly, full of life, and easy to respond to (in most cases, but even so, the challenge is a good one). Don't deny the opportunity to RP with him, you'd be missing out on wonders. :) - PANGAEA

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