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Hello, I'm Andrew and welcome to my page!
I'm generally a very easy going guy and pretty easy to get along with. I don't hold a grudge and I'm pretty hard to tick off... So long as you can spell properly and use good grammar.
I like RPs of all sorts and most of my characters are versatile enough to be use for RPs of any time period and I'm okay with a wide variety of RP. I'm okay with swearing, sexual content and violence, yet despite this, I'm a somewhat sensitive person xD RPs with romance are my favorite kind and they prove to last the longest for me and I've become decent at playing both male and female characters.
If you're interested in playing with me, please just send me a message! I'm open about 90% of the time :D

Dos and donots:
Yes: explicit content (sex/swearing/heavy gore), romance, f/f (depending on characters), action, scifi, medieval, Steampunk, a wide variety of fetishes for all you weirdos :P, modern, Highschool, war, etc.
No: some certain fetishes, BAD GRAMMAR!!!

Seriously, if you're gonna RP with me, I do require that you have basic knowledge of the English language. This includes knowing the difference between words that sound the same but are spelled differently (Their/they're/there), and you need to know how to use a coma and a period... And quotation marks. Don't use astrixes.

Also, anything not marked in my "dos/donts" is a grey area we can talk about, or is aloud depending on the character.

Some of my favorite RPers:
StillDoll, KuroSakuranbo14, Thunderwolf12, Dontbetrippen, Kyra45, MissUndeadKisses
My Deviantart
My YouTube

Anything else you wanna know, just ask.

Rave Reviews

Eonrising is a pretty cool dude! I love rping with him so far, in fact he was the first guy to enter my rp! Awesome guy and amazing rper! You gotta rp with this guy! Trust me you wont regret it, in fact you will love it!!!!!!XD - StillDoll
Always creative, and an abundance of unique and fun characters, I love roleplaying with Eon. He tends to give enough to keep a roleplay steadily moving forward without overdoing it, and it makes roleplaying with him a great experience. - Amirrora

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