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RP Style: Fantasy
Platform: Furcadia
Caffeine-fueled chaos.

Welcome to this profile! You're here because you clicked a link. You want to know about me as a player, huh? In real life, I work in veterinary medicine and as a published author.

I've been roleplaying off and on for the better part of a decade through various platforms. I RP primarily on Furcadia and Discord these days. I RP to unwind and have a good time, so let's not take things too seriously. ;P

My characters almost always tend to be loud, arguably pushy, and poor decision makers. What fun are good manners, anyway? I'm not looking for copious amounts daytime soap opera level drama, but rather primarily light-hearted scenes with a side of butt-kicking.

No ERP or Romance, please!
*Out respect for my real life relationship, none of my characters engage in any sexual or otherwise romantic scenes.

I write things. You can check it out... if you really want.

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