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I've been playing Furcadia since I was 16 years old - good ol' 1996 (first year Furc was around.)

It started off a place that me and all of my friends (we all went to different schools) could meet up and all talk together at once about the day and if we were going to hang out, whose house we were going to meet at, etc. This was back before cell phones and call-waiting. So, it was a pain in the ass to try and get all your friends on the phone. Furcadia was just easier.
Well, I say easier but this was back in the days of dial-up internet. The "You've got Mail" days. Most of you will have no clue of the hardships of dial-up, but for my kindred spirits out there - you get me.

We all had characters and just bullshitted mainly about OOC stuff. But, after a time, we started venturing out of the small area we used to chat and started meeting other people and getting into Roleplaying.

It has now been 26 years and my vampire character (under various names) is still going strong. Granted he has changed a lot over the years; as I have changed. We have grown up together you could say. We've gone through the same trials and made the same errors in both love and friendships. But he also allows me to regress at times and be the boy of my youth again. We will forever be learning and growing together.

I am ALWAYS looking for strong role-playing partners with quality story lines. I do prefer a romantic plot as my writing style is very flirtatious in nature and, even if romance is not intended, the story will usually sway that way.

There usually isn't anything too taboo for me. Sorry, but I'm not easy to shock. I am an open-mind guy and, if the subject interests me, I can try anything once. If it doesn't work out, I'll let you know.

I do not appreciate people setting rules up for me (example: I expect you to post at least once a day or I'll drop the RP) but then turn around and be neglected by the very person who put expectations on me. Do unto others, right?

I'm very easy going and aim to please my roleplay partners. My writing style can shift and mutate to fit my partner as long as they give me something to work with. Which means I either need multiple paragraphs or a shit load of description. I hate trying to figure out what your character is trying to do.

I can create scenes. I can carry a plot. I love curve-balls and anything that keeps me on my toes. I can write provocatively but there are only so many ways to describe carnal relations that it gets redundant. So hopefully, if we role play together, our characters find plenty of mischief outside of lustful embraces.

I do not fade to black or time warp (Unless I have had a few too many and am watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show - then I'll Time Warp all day) or any of that. If your character gets into a romantic entanglement with mine, either roleplay your way out of it or be prepared to go all the way.

Smut is not unwelcome but please have some kind of a build up and an end goal. These are usually rather short roleplays and will not be considered for long term unless a plot develops or there is crazy chemistry between our characters.

You can always message me here. I do check my messages quite often. You can also message me on Discord: Raphael LeBlanc#2324.

I live in Houston, Texas (central standard time)
I work full time 40+ hours per week at a children's hospital.
I am a parent to a little boy
Husband to a wonderful woman
I make time for my writing but cut me a little slack if I get overly exhausted.
I am a professional vampire:
I have been working in haunted houses since the early 2000s as a vampire. Started off at Six Flags AstroWorld (RIP in 2004). I got lots of pics if your interested.

Rave Reviews

Because Gand is AMAZING! He takes his Character very seriously, and always thinks before typing actions, there is never a question of consistency with how his Character will act. He is most wonderful at what he does! - Kitom
Meph Norwish (played by Eros_Calls)
I have several stories going on with Meph. He's multi-faceted, interesting and fun to play against. The character's past makes him a challenge but it's worth it because once those layers are peeled back, there's a whole other side to him to discover. He keeps surprising me! And I love it! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Cynical

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