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Lets get a bit details.

I'm Kayla. I play on a game called Furcadia. But I have tried, Gaia, second life, World of Warcraft and everything else possible. I still keep coming back to Furcadia though. The people I interact with are mature, so please be mature. I'm a single mom, have a full time job Running a Staples in Nevada and I attending college. I think my plate is pretty darn full, don't you?

List of Characters:

Bajonet (My pride and joy. A blind Egyptian Mau)
Appreciated ( Or Sura. My Roman character who is a bit .. retired)
Erotisch (My very first roleplay character. Both on Gaia and Furcadia, she was my cherry popper.)
Annie (A sea turtle character that I can't decided what the HELL to do with. She's pretty awesome though!)

Rave Reviews

Bajonet (played by Erotisch)
Bajonet is a beautiful, well-balanced character, and her player is amazingly patient and kind! She's very hard not to like! - skaikrasha
Bajonet (played by Erotisch)
Have I given Bajonet kudos?! I don't recall! I think I have.. well, if I have, here is another! If I haven't, well, here I am making one! I've always enjoyed Bajonet as a character and just wanted to let you know. ;) - Dylan

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