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Just your friendly resident hybrid, here! Finally getting around for putting up an RPR for the characters I actively roleplay. ': D

I mostly RP on Furcadia, but that doesn't mean I can't roleplay here on RPR, either! Just hit me up with a message -- I promise I won't bite! Really!

Things come up a lot IRL though and I do have anxiety issues on top of clinical depression, so sometimes I just cannot reply back right away -- but I do try very hard to reply whenever is absolutely possible! Because of this, I also like to think of myself as a super patient person, too. Life is crazy and throws curveballs like that, so I won't ever get upset if you need to take a while to RP or have to pull out entirely! Remember, your life and health are more important than roleplay!

Rave Reviews

Esb is so great, yeah? Like... she plays a perfect Morty Smith so much so that I can actually hear the dialogue in my mind in his own voice. She's also a spectacular friend OOCly and she's extremely nice. I am a HUGE fan of her! - Raecoon
One of the best RPers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! And very fun to talk to and hang out with OoC as well.

I whole-heartedly recommend her and her characters! Each one is very well thought out and planned. The detail is amazing, and I always look forward to her posts. - Deadsome

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