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"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."
-- Edgar Allan Poe


Call me Becca or B/Bea/Bee.
Female, bisexual, engaged.
Goth gf, just not yours.
Secular Buddhist.
IT/Tech student.
Mostly Vegan.


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Rave Reviews

I've known Vinters now for a long, long time, and she's definitely one of those strong willed 'I do what I want!' types, which I admire and respect! Her characters are powerful and charismatic, and command attention as soon as they arrive! - Trishields
Long overdue, but better late than never: Vinters' writing is like a drug; it's intoxicating and it leaves you craving more. But, not only does her roleplay leave you wanting more, she's an amazing person to talk to. I want to say 'everyone should RP with her' but because I'm greedy- please don't. - Billi

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