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Call me Becca or B/Bea/Bee.
Secular Buddhist/Nontheistic Satanist.
Female, bisexual, engaged.
Goth gf, just not yours.
Mushroom maniac.
IT/Tech student.
Scottish Viking.
Mostly Vegan.
Moon witch.


Rave Reviews

I always know when I log on, if I see this lovely woman online I have a friendly face to talk to. Be it from our characters, our pets or just random banter, I always feel welcome by this darling. With characters that are both intense and beautifully designed, her dedication to her RP and her writing skills are inspiring! - Lyss
Although my opinion may be slightly biased, I have had the pleasure of roleplaying with Vinters first hand. Her muse and creditably to her characters is astounding, able to pull of a variety of different muses that most cannot. She can play both good and evil characters without being too cliche, and bring interesting adaptation to well known adventures. Though we don't roleplay much, I always enjoy the chances I do get to interact with her characters. Keep it real, sis. - Taciturn

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