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<<<<<<<<<< Who am I >>>>>>>>>>


To put it simply a Nerdy Person who loves to write stories (but far to shy to let anyone read them), world build, read anything nonfiction, draw (try to at least), roleplay, cosplay, play d&d and plays lots and lots.....and lots of video games (Jrpg, Rpg from turn-based to action, FPS, Visual Novels, Rogue-like, Unique, etc...)

Note: Previous RPR user name EndPhase. Why you ask? I picked a random name to use and wanted to change it immediately but didn't. And also why not?

Here is a bit of ambience while reading.


My Role Playing Style
I am pretty adaptable and creative. I can come up with ideas pretty quickly and they eventually they become extremely intricate and detailed. But I do like to discuss certain aspects and expectations of an roleplay. I don't mind romance if it is plot driven. And I don't mind fade to black or writing out romantic scenes. But I do not require romance in my rp's it really just depends.

I am love plots from modern, Victorian, fantasy, life in another world, d&d, pathfinder(newb), sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural and the like. Slice of life can be a part of the rp but only as subplot. I don't rp fanfic and rare to any canons because I prefer original characters and worlds.

I also like to have side characters involved in rp for plot development such as rivals, friends, allies, subordinates, villains, etc. I feel including them makes the world more alive.


Resource Use

I think that using imagery and music to set the tone and mood can pull a post together. Sometimes the emotion drawn from music coupled with the words along with the image just create something amazing. Plus it can make the rp world feel more vibrant. I do reserve things like this for big moments or something I feel needs a bit more 'oomph.'


For Role Playing

1. Be honest. Be Fair. Have fun. Note: heads up I can be bluntly honest when voicing things (opinions, ideas, questions).

2. Speak freely. (We should build rapport and open communication to create a great rp experience). No matter what it is good or bad it's fine to say what you think or feel.

3. Use ooc to discuss ideas that you are unsure of. I will take the same approach and broach the idea via ooc before bringing it into the rp.

4. Don't control my characters or choose how they react to something your character does. Don't write in one of my characters into a scene in your post or imply their words or actions(ooc exist for a reason)

5. Please do not make your character omnipotent to my characters every move.

6. Let romance happen naturally, if at all (excluding certain plot devices and troupes of course)

7. No one liners. 5-10 sentences at the least. (Context is important and it's hard to go off nothing)

8. Respond in your own time. never feel pressured. Life comes first. There will never be a rush to post.


Ending RPs

This can be hard, it's easier for short term or one off types or ones that finish their story as they reach their true end characters go on their separate ways, journey comes to a close, they retire, marry or die(or what ever else happens.) But when that doesn't get a chance to happen or interest is lost it is important to say something. Life happens. Anyone can get busy or forget. Or maybe there's another reason. Maybe it's private. Thats fine. It's all completely understandable but if you get the chance just let me know. It can be for any reason.

    - don't have time
    - Life Happening/RW stuff
    - Lost Interest\not feeling it\bored\etc
    - RP/writing styles don't mesh
    - [insert your reason here]
    - Don't have one

As I said the reason it ends are all fine, just give even one line of letting me know even just, 'I don't want to continue,' because an explanation isn't necessary just informing me is enough. And If something happens that makes it so an update isn't currently possible then just update when able and if that isn't possible...hey life happens.


Please Take Notice

If I ever for some reason suddenly stop posting with out explanation it is because I have a chronic illness. If that happens I apologize in advance. I will always strive to give an heads up but unfortunately I will not always be able to. When this happens I can only hope when I am able to give an update that the rp can still be continued but I would perfectly understand if that isn't an option.


Posting Times

I am EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Many times I may show online even though I am not actually at my computer. I honestly forget to log out and sometimes I'm actually at work or gaming (pc/ps4) and i'm not actively responding to posts. This in no way shape or form means that I am purposefully not responding or disinterested. Sometimes I am not in the right mood and prefer to respond when I am in a creative one. Normally I can respond 1+ times a day but sometimes I may forget or have RW/other priorities. That is all. Thanks for understanding.


Excerpts of my Writing
note: from personal projects

These snippets are from multiple projects that i've been working on. Some completed, some still in progress or shelved.

" Prologue"
Nothing in this world is as it seems. Strange and mysterious occurrences happen all over the land. “There are shadows that all ways seem to be watching, lurking, lingering…waiting for the chance to engulf the world in darkness.” So says the prophecy.

They say the prophecy repeats itself, as though a ritual, for eternity. The world is at peace then thrown into chaos and once the havoc ceases peace once again ensues. This is the endless spiral of the world. But are the fates of the past present, and future truly set in stone? Can the world remain in peace with out fear of rising darkness? Many would say no. For every battle fought for peace there is destruction, Desires fill the human soul driving them to covet power and greatness, to lust for control, to wish vehemently for revenge. These emotions, these desires, this anger, this pain, this turmoil burns with in until they burst forth, whether for vengeance, power, greatness, even for the good of the people, and plunge the world back into carnage. Still a few believe the world is shaped by those who dwell there in and fate can be altered if one willed to be…

"Fight Scene: Modern"
That's when something slammed against the door and it burst open, hurtling her onto the ground. Someone was there. In the dark and she was alone. She tried to stand back up, but a foot stamped down onto her stomach. She grabbed their foot and twisted causing them to stumble back and jumped up to her feet. It was time to put her defense classes to use.

She was not going down without a fight. But how did you defend yourself against someone you couldn't see? She had to focus. Ignore the darkness, calm down and focus. A breath, a whisper, a step, anything could alert her of where he was. The sound of leather made her swing to her left. Fortunately for her, her aim was true and her fist connected with the intruders jaw.

She didn't stop there though she took a few steps back and barely missed him lunging towards her. She thrust her foot into him, trying to knock him off balance, but he countered and grabbed her ankle just as she connected. She jumped propelling her other leg up and into his chin before twisting and falling onto one knee, charging back up, elbow raised and nailing a blow into his gut. She heard him grunt and then the sound of him staggering back and crashing into something. She had to try for the door again. The only thing she had going for her was her speed.

"Fight Scene: Fantasy"
Myr's eyebrows narrowed as she rolled from underneath the blade, leapt to her feet and dodged and onslaught of fireballs from. The heat from the blast warming her face just from vicinity. This was not good. She eyed her two opponents as she calculated her next move. She had to weaken one to beat the other. She chose Basa. Rather, Basa's staff was what focused her powers. With out it she wasn't as strong....but Gurd would protect Basa if Myr just went for her. That wouldn't work. She had to use a different approach...

Myr charged full force at Gurd who whirled out of the way after dodging a torrent swipes by Myr and her Scythe, only too late realizing his error.

Through out the battle he had stayed in-between Basa and Myr but he hand just give her an opening. Myr thrust the butt of her weapon in to Basa stomach and grabbed the staff. She shifted left to avoid the desperate slash that Gurd had swung towards her. And hooked the scythe around his neck and pushed it out a little just to keep from slicing into his throat.

"An Old Mans End"
He still wondered bitterly if he should have refused the thieves outright and saved his daughter from the horrid experience of trekking this wretched land in the heart of a harsh winter, would have meant he and his daughter would have died alongside his wife, but at least they would have all been together. Closing his eyes, he envisioned his wife running towards him with out stretched arms as the little strength left with in him quickly seeped away. Here I come Gwen. He thought as darkness over took him and his body slumped against the wall.

"Haunting Dream"
Tap. Tap. Tap.

It was the same sound. She’d heard it time and time again. She knew it well. And knew what it meant.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Haze opened her eyes slowly and found herself in a pitch-black void. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. She was helpless. All she could do was look forward. As the darkness took shape. The blurred figure of a humanoid like creature loomed in front of her. It tried to take as step forward, but something pushed it back. The creature snarled and glared over at her its eyes glowing in the darkness. Then one of it’s elongated pointed fingers tapped against what was an invisible barrier. And right now Haze’s only defense.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Pet.” A low deep sinister voice whispered. “You broke the rules…” It’s eyes widened as its head ticked abnormally sideways and a wider than humanly possible grin spread from ear to ear revealing a mouth full of sharp fanged teeth. “Have you forgotten our deal?” It hissed. “No….I don’t think you have….” It laughed but it was hollow making her skin crawl. “….Yet somehow…you placed something…no wait. Not something, but someone. You’ve place someone before me.” His smile faded. “ME….” It repeated viciously. “I thought we were friends…I’m hurt pet. Now who is this person…let me see.” He continued as he stretched his hand back out against the barrier he’d tapped before and placed his palm flat against it.

Haze could feel the moment it tried to pull from her memories and she fought back locking away as much as she could about him. With each memory a wall. From every time they spoke, laughed, smiled, touched, to every time they kissed. To the simplest of looks between the two of them. One after one each memory was pried at, as the creature seemed to seek every time she’d said his name from beginning to end. But each time she blocked them. And each time it was more difficult, but she could not falter. She could not allow this thing to learn anything.

she could feel the rage from the creature. Growing more and more at each attempt, at each failure.

“Tell. Me. His. Name.” The creature ordered. His voice gruff and filed with ill intent. His anger rising even hire and the void realm they were in beginning to warp.

The malice the creature was emitting caused Haze to tremble. But she would not give in. She would protect him. Pushing past the restrictions placed on her Haze spoke one word. “Never.”

The creature slammed it’s claws into the barrier and growled enraged at her response. For a moment it frantically attacked again and again. Then suddenly it stopped as if regaining its composure. It’s voice suddenly turned nice, gentle. It's sinister smile returning as its fingers scraped along the barrier.

“We’re friends remember? And friends don’t keep secrets.” It said calmly but the words slurred as he spoke and vibrated even with in her mind. Still she resisting refusing to give him a way into her mind.

"Fine." The creature scoffed. “I’ll find you; Then I’ll find him. And when I do. I’ll snap his neck right before your eyes. So do what you do best pet.” The creature threatened, its smile widening even more. “Run…because the moment I find you….he is next….” As he spoke those last words the blank scape she was trapped in began to crumble and Haze suddenly plummeted deeper into the darkness.

Haze bolted up in the bed, chest heaving, gulping for air and her body trembling and damp with sweat causing her clothing to cling to her skin. She drew her legs up to her chest and buried her face in her arms. It was the same dream. Her entire body felt on edge as she tried to shake off the feelings the dream dredged up and tamp down her powers that had the entire room shaking. She couldn’t count how many times she’d had it in over the last year. But that dream was the start of everything.

''Well Come to Richter Manor"
Another dreary night, after another dull day. The waning moon half veiled by dark clouds and a starless sky left the night mired in almost complete darkness. Violet Saint Richter sat perched on the roof’s edge of her Manor humming a haunting yet lulling tune to herself. Her eyes, as red as the purest ruby shimmered brightly and were the only thing giving sight to her presence on the roof due to her all black attire, scanned the grounds around her. Thinking of what was and what is.

The lands of the manor were an acre wide and a quarter of a day's travel from the Free City-State of Creed, a bustling place run by a council and divided into sections. The Noble Quarter, the living area for all nobility. The Slums home of the poorest of Creed. The Rise, living area for the middle class. The Artisan District, full of craftsmen, artists, builders and the like. The Steel District, an up-and-coming area where all factories are located. The merchants quarter, filled with high end shops. The docks, the place for import and export, transporting, fishing, and other seafaring business. Then there were prominent places known by all. The Academy and the Council Hall. Each area has a watch and a watch barracks. Pubs, shops and restaurants are scattered around the city. The more upscale the area the better the goods. The outskirts is mostly farmland with a few small villages, beyond that to the north were mountains, to the east the sea, to the west a swamp and then to the south a road would lead through a small forest, then the Manor, Richter Manor.

Much isn’t known about the manor besides that it was built a long time ago. The last owner is only known to be an estranged Aunt of Violet, the current proprietor. Violet took ownership of the manor at 20 when she returned to Creed after her time as a servant. For ten years the manor was slowly renovated while the outside remained the same though the grounds were cleaned up to make it presentable. And six months ago Violet turned the manor into a hotel. Much to the chagrin of her family who wished her to sell off the property and live with them until she found a suitor and married. But Violet refused. And her manor hotel had become quite the namesake and one mired by rumors.

Now on the one acre that the manor sits, there is a large pond, a garden, a stable, a small plot for farming and a greenhouse near the edge of the property that has since been turned into a shop of rare herbs, potions, tonics, poultices and strange oddities. The manor itself is two stories tall with a wine cellar and separate basement, rooftop access that leads to a small garden and folly. The folly was turned into a flat for violet as she found the Manor itself too large to live in. The first floor has a large entry way and the front desk of the Manor hotel. A large ballroom for events, a dining Hall, a library, Violet’s study and office, the kitchen, two drawing rooms and one large lounge area. Off to the west side was an entrance to the workers lounge, rest area and eating space. The second floor housed 20 basic bedrooms that shared 10 lavatories. four master suites equipped with personal lavatories and 2 luxury suites One on the east end and the other on the west end of the second floor of the manor.

Violet sighed as she drew out of melancholy and slowly stood to her feet, turned, stepped over the fence that bordered the flat roof top area from the sloped part of the roof and made her way to the door that led back into the manor. The door opened to steps leading down to the second floor. Once there she headed down to the main steps and headed to the first floor. At the front desk was a man, mid thirties and a woman late twenties. One was updating the registry and the other was counting the day's proceeds. As her heels clacked against the mahogany wood floor as she walked, both the man and woman stopped and looked up.

“My Lady, good evening.” They said in unison while giving a light head bow.

“Marco, Stella how was the day?” Violet asked softly. “Any visitors?”

Marco nodded. “Indeed My lady. All but 10 of our rooms are full for the night.” He informed her as he looked back over the register. “And all have paid….and er….” He hesitated. “One has requested to see you.”

“Oh did they?” Her lips curved. “You were sure to inform them that the Lady of the Manor does not entertain guests.” She inquired.

“We did try miss…” Stella started. “But…he was adamant. He found it rude that the proprietor was not even willing to meet those staying at her hotel.” Stella leaned forward. “...I think he’s with the paper. He kept asking questions. And I know I saw one of those…things that captures what it sees?” Stella paused. “We told him the rules but I do not think he will heed them.”

“A camera…a new age thing, that. Useful…but problematic.” Violet said as her eyes flashed briefly and a indescribable smile spread across her black painted lips. “And don’t worry dears, if he chooses not to listen then he has set his own fate." She sighed exasperated with how many just refused to respect the rules. "He signed the documents for staying here, correct?”

Both nodded. Marco flipped through some pages and turned the book to Violet.

“Ezi Winton…” She murmured softly. She checked to see that the man had signed everywhere and smiled. “Looks Good. Then all is fine. Well done my dears.” She stepped away and looked at the large clock as it chimed nine in the eve.. “I’ll see you to in the morning-”

“My lady if you like I can escort you.” Marco suggested. “Until Mr. Winton leaves.”

“Dear Marco, you know I can handle myself. Besides, midnight comes soon.” She reminded him demurely. “You two enjoy your evening. I doubt we’ll have more guests arrive tonight, but if we do make sure they sign as well.”

“Yes, My lady.” Both replied.

With that Violet went off and headed to the left side wing of the first floor where her study was located. There were some things she would need to review. And she had to figure things since someone had actually dared to bring a camera onto her lands. Besides that she had to respond to some letters sent by those missing family members whose last location was supposedly her hotel. It was a constant thorn in her side but she couldn’t ignore the letters else she would end up with yet another watchman from the city showing up and Violet had had enough of that.

As she reached her study she unlocked the door and stepped inside. One wall was lined with books from all about lores, ancient rites, old dead magic, politics and a few fictional books among others. Her desk and chair faced outward towards the window, behind her an intricate painting of a symbol.

Violet sat behind her desk and started pouring over the letters and documents and carefully crafting her responses. And again she began humming the same haunting tune to herself.



You've reached the end. Whether you read it all the way through, skimmed or scrolled straight down....well done. Hopefully this jaunt through my profile has give you an idea of the type of person and roleplayer I am. Of course if you have questions feel free to ask.


Rave Reviews

EndPhase has been role-playing with me for over a year now, and I must say that she is a wonderful storyteller. I have never felt the need to rush the plot nor compromise on my vision with her. I hope I have the same effect for her, lol. A genius and delight. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - cringyduck
A wonderful role player, whom writes wonderful paragraphs filled with descriptive emotion and occurrences. Emorye is simply adorable, and I look forward to taking our role play further. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - cringyduck

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