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The world is so much more quiet without you. Your derp moments, your laughter - our ceaseless dirty jokes. .. I keep wondering how your boys are. I miss being on the phone with you when you picked them up. They must miss you so much.. You were such a good mum. You were such a good friend. I miss you and I .. yeah. I miss you - words are shit in comparison. Wherever you are I hope that you are well and safe. - Anonymous
So your birthday wasn't that long ago, and I couldn't bear to get on here to message that day. I'm sorry.
I miss you, hun. I miss the dumb stuff we used to talk about all the time and our love of abandoned building exploration videos. I can't even watch them anymore, I try, and I think about you, and I start to cry.
I wish you weren't gone.
Anyway, I'll be back. You know me.
@`~~~~ - Gaeilge_Banrion
This is hard because you are not with us anymore. It's nearing 3 months now, and admittedly, there's still parts of me in disbelief. I'm still in that arguing stage that you're still out there somewhere, you just want time to yourself. I miss you so much, you gorgeous, stunning Lady. Always down to earth, always there for others. I hope you had at least one iota of how much you meant to people, how much you made life better. You could make me belly laugh at the drop of a hat, my god! I love you. - Demilicious
To the beautiful flower in the garden,
The rose that always was closed.
To the woman who was quiet, but so beautifully loud,
To the snow that never melted in the heat of the desert,
I miss you.
I know we didn't talk for some time. I regret it.
You are and will always be the most wonderful person.
May you now have rest,
May you now be at peace,
May you always know that you are loved by those who knew you.
Go play in the stars dear lady, and let them sing you to sleep above. - Gaeilge_Banrion
This girl is fabulous, let me tell you! Down to earth, always up to plan, always up to crack chat, pretty well there for you for any reason and any time. Ethereal is a freaking dish and I adore her. I always look forward to spending time with her whether to pop out a story or shoot the shit. A true gem to be discovered. Thanks for being in my life, Darling~! - Demilicious
An incredibly sweet and understanding person. Ethereal is a bundle of fun and cute! I adore her friendship and hope more so to speak with her more and more and just the same I adore writing with her. She has an awesome writing style and I'm sure many others will too. - Hadeslicious

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