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| ♀️ | Demisexual | Half-Korean | Secular Witch | Nightclub Manager |
(This profile is written as if you are finding an old letter from a friend,
just to fit the theme. I don't actually talk like this. lol At least, not normally.)

Good morning/day/night to you, my dearest. I find myself seated at my desk, heavily anticipating the future as I write excerpt about myself. I hope that it finds you well.

I imagine that you are here, aiming to find out more about who I am. Well, that's more than fair since we are but strangers. So let me start by saying that I am a woman, a manager in training to become part owner of a nightclub (and possibly a future dispensary?), a witch, a writer, an "old soul," and one who fantasizes about abnormalities and adventure. I am a growth centric individual, meaning that I believe that we all have room to grow and become better and it's our duties to do so. Not just for us, but for everyone around us. So I fully believe in receiving healthy critique and owning up to my own mistakes. And that also includes my writing. So please, if you feel something can be improved, let me know.

I am also an aesthetic person (if that wasn't obvious). I love for things to feel "complete" with more than just writing. I like looking at the entire picture and feel a breath of fresh air, like when one looks at their final draft of a book they've been writing for a couple of years. It gives me such satisfaction. So while one may think it to be meticulous and over the top (even time wasting), it isn't for me. I apologize ahead of time if this makes me slower than what you expect me to be. But I refuse to sacrifice quality, mainly because it'll bug me for a long time if I do.

I am the oldest of three and also the first daughter (have a brother and little half sister) and my parents were born in the '60s (my mother is Korean as well). In other words, I'm used to taking over and going above and beyond. I ask that people don't take advantage of this because I'm still learning on knowing and enforcing my boundaries. However, I have no problem taking on some things if you find it genuinely difficult.

Finally, I have Borderline Personality Disorder with complex PTSD, high functioning depression, and high functioning anxiety tied to it. I'm managing my symptoms pretty well (I think), but understand that sometimes, they may show themselves in unexpected times and ways. I will do my best to control them. I just ask you to be patient and understanding with me. Thank you very much.

Forever yours,

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