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I mostly like playing historical, fantasy, romance and adventure. Though I am not limited to just these at all. I am pretty opened minded to plots and ideas I haven't tried before and might give it a try.

Now I am not too picky with RPs and I am willing to do almost anything, I will not do one liners though. I have tried them many times and it never works, it just isn't interesting in the long run and I loose interest quick. Any length that is more than one line is fine with me.

Don't be afraid to pm me if you like one of my characters and we can work something out, I am always open to new RPs.

Also I have other characters in google docs, so if you would like to rp and see one of those, let me know.

Have a wonderful day.


Rave Reviews

Evanlyn is so fun to worldbuild and roleplay with! Not only is she sweet and flexible, but she has so many interesting characters that make me absolutely giddy. We've been working through a roleplay I'm super excited over - definitely hit her up when you get a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Isolus
Evanlyn is an amazing writer, and I enjoy the way her characters are built. She writes a pretty even amount and isn't one of the people who do one long post then a bunch of one liners. Shes an amazing RP partner and I hope you RP with her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - PossitivelyNoOne

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