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Roleplay veteran; 10+ years in. However- I am new to this site as of late. Help appreciated!

I really enjoy what I do when it comes to roleplay. Its as if another world sucked me in and took away all the stress from whatever the real world threw me in. Course, time is limited, so are replies. If I seem to not reply back in a timeframe of 40 minutes; after I had replied when yourself is online; know that it was due to life's shenanigans. However, I'll always let you know if I ever need to step away, the Roleplay lost its flow, or any suggestions when the time is right. I am all ears and will always respect you for who you are. I would be happy enough to know that you'll do the same. Always keeping it 100.

Aside from that, I've been kinda jumping from Rp site to Rp site for some time, but its not like I have a main one really. I like what I've made so far across them, friends and the superb Roleplays. Speaking of, my replies vary from a semi-para to a novella. We all know that if the replies fall short, the Rp is losing its spark. I'd rather not let that happen... but if the partner is not giving much to reply with, I can't do the same. Though I do respect if something's happening outside of the RP or it suddenly got boring. We can find a way to fix it or whip up another. Whatever works.

Overall, I'm pretty chill and easy-going. Nothing much else to say. If you need anything, someone to talk to, RP with, share laughs, let me know. I'm decently available through the afternoons, but nights are my go-to since I would rarely get bothered.

Characters... I'll have some up eventually, but I can do any genre, any type, as long as you enjoy the RP as much as I will. I'll have a character fit for the scenarios.

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