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Hi. I like caffeine, dead things, art, reading, writing, and whatnot. I work full time at a library, where most of my time is spent screwing around on the computer until I get the inevitable stupid question (usually old people asking for phone numbers and stuff). I'm also highly sarcastic.

I'm working on an "official" list of my characters. It can be viewed here. I'm still working on selecting which characters will be having their own pages here. Apologies for its appearance- I'm still working on formatting and whatnot.

Other interweb stuff:
Personal Tumblr
Art Tumblr

Preferred Roleplay Methods:
Google Docs (shared document we can both edit via Google)

Rave Reviews

One of my favorite RP partners EVER!

This girl has spectacular characters, amazing and unique plots, and is such a great person to talk to OOC that I can't imagine not talking to her anymore! She's an incredibly gifted writer who's always so considerate and willing to adapt during our RP, and never fails to keep me completely captivated with the story ahead! - SolonaAmell

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