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Er... Hi there :3

Ima keep this short since I’m tired af to edit, lol.
I’ve have somewhat of RP experience over the last 1-2 years and is hoping to find either long term or short term experienced RP partners to enhance my writing skills and of course, have some fun 😜

I like trying out new things, so if you have any favourite/preferred RP plots, don’t hesitate to try them out with me. I have no restrictions, so action, romanace, dark, horror, demons, sex,etc anything works :)

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It's about time I did this. This man is a magic Man. Not only did he win on my dice raffle first time, but he managed to befriend me within a day (that is NOT an easy thing to do, trust me. Usually it takes at least a week) and his writing skills are fantastic. His character that I'm roleplaying with is the sweetest and is always consistent. His response times are also better than most. If you don't want to roleplay with him, at least strike up a conversation. You won't regret it <3 - staticnightmares

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