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she / they

primal - genderfluid - suspected cryptid

femme - sapphic - GMT-based

I role-play on RPR, through Discord, and through the Furcadia client.

I am currently open to DnD 5e tabletop campaigns.

All continuities are separate unless explicitly stated.

As it is now term time, I am working/commuting 27 hours a week. I do note-taking for two students with impairments. I love the job. I get to immerse myself within learning and help someone out at the same time. However, it does take up a lot of my week-time and there are likely to be days where I get home from work drained. Please bear with me.

I try to reply to role-playing threads at least every 1 - 2 days, depending on the pace of the role-play overall. I post at minimum over 10 lines and my average is around 1 - 2 paragraphs. I can comfortably post more depending on the content of the storyline and how many people are involved. I write in the third person tense.

I prefer the Furcadia client, groups on RPR and private servers on Discord -- to some degree, this is based on the character/setting. Each platform comes with a different response time expectation and play style. For example, RPR is good for campaigns that are 'play by post' while Furcadia is good for role-playing 'now'. A lot of the Discord servers I am in prefer shorter posts to keep things flowing while private servers are pace adjustable with less pressure.

I have a strong preference for low technology / medium - high fantasy settings but I am willing to consider sci-fi and post-apocalyptic if the story is particularly good and I have a character idea that fits. I have engaged in fandom role-plays before only playing original characters within the setting rather than canon characters.

I am comfortable with gore, violence and horror themes, so long as it is appropriate to the setting and plot, rather than being thrown in just for the sake of being contrary.

I have no issue with explicit sex or sexual acts but I will not engineer a role-play based around them, nor will I tailor situations and settings so then it happens. In group role-plays, I fade-to-black. I much prefer the tension, the courtship, and the lead up than anything else.

The emphasis here is that I will always respect the comfort zone of my role-playing partner(s).

I will not change my characters. If they don't fit, they don't fit and that's fine. I am not going to make my shy laboratory experiment bold and confident, nor am I am going to make my brooding, introverted mage outgoing and the life of a party, for example. While change is possible through role-play, there is an extent to which this would happen and the pace would be realistic.

I am a freelance proof-reader, copy-editor, occasional ghost-writer and copywriter. I also do notetaking during term time, as well as exam invigilation. The bonus is that for all but the note-taking and invigilation, aside from having deadlines, I can set my own schedule so long as they are met. This means that I am often online and can adapt to the pace of my role-playing partner(s) in terms of responding to threads, groups, or Discord server posts.

Rave Reviews

We haven't been writing together for long but I do enjoy writing with Venefica.
She's very descriptive in her writing and her characters are also very intriguing. Her posts are swift and clear and I hope to read many more. Wonderful writer Fast responses - DeathandtheMaiden
Vene is a very dedicated RPer, who is always open to any plots and little scenarios that pop up at random! She's been a joy to RP and chat with, and I look forward to more! Helpful Creative ideas - Rook

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