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she / they

primal - femme - GMT-based

I role-play on RPR, through Discord, and through the Furcadia client.

I am currently closed to additional DnD 5e tabletop campaigns.

All continuities are separate unless explicitly stated.

As of late January, I am working/commuting 12 and a half hours a week, plus just under 3 hours commute per day. I do note-taking for two students with impairments. I love the job. I get to immerse myself within learning and help someone out at the same time. However, it does take up a lot of my week-time and there are likely to be days where I get home from work drained. Please bear with me.

I try to reply to role-playing threads at least every 1 - 2 days, depending on the pace of the role-play overall. I post at minimum over 10 lines and my average is around 1 - 2 paragraphs. I can comfortably post more depending on the content of the storyline and how many people are involved. I write in the third person tense.

I prefer the Furcadia client, groups on RPR and private servers on Discord -- to some degree, this is based on the character/setting. Each platform comes with a different response time expectation and play style. For example, RPR is good for campaigns that are 'play by post' while Furcadia is good for role-playing 'now'. A lot of the Discord servers I am in prefer shorter posts to keep things flowing while private servers are pace adjustable with less pressure.

I have a strong preference for low technology / medium - high fantasy settings but I am willing to consider sci-fi and post-apocalyptic if the story is particularly good and I have a character idea that fits. I have engaged in fandom role-plays before only playing original characters within the setting rather than canon characters.

I am comfortable with gore, violence and horror themes, so long as it is appropriate to the setting and plot, rather than being thrown in just for the sake of being contrary.

I have no issue with explicit sex or sexual acts but I will not engineer a role-play based around them, nor will I tailor situations and settings so then it happens. In group role-plays, I fade-to-black. I much prefer the tension, the courtship, and the lead up than anything else.

The emphasis here is that I will always respect the comfort zone of my role-playing partner(s).

I will not change my characters. If they don't fit, they don't fit and that's fine. I am not going to make my shy laboratory experiment bold and confident, nor am I am going to make my brooding, introverted mage outgoing and the life of a party, for example. While change is possible through role-play, there is an extent to which this would happen and the pace would be realistic.

I am a freelance proof-reader, copy-editor, occasional ghost-writer and copywriter. I also do notetaking during term time, as well as exam invigilation. The bonus is that for all but the note-taking and invigilation, aside from having deadlines, I can set my own schedule so long as they are met. This means that I am often online and can adapt to the pace of my role-playing partner(s) in terms of responding to threads, groups, or Discord server posts.

Rave Reviews

FadedTapestry is an amazingly talented writer, with an aura of both enchantment and authenticity. There is an addictive quality to their writing that makes you feel excited every time they respond to the role play. I truly think that everyone must give them a chance, because trust me, you will not be disappointed. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Aya
One of the first writers I got begin my RP journey with on this site. FadedTapestry is thoughtful and creative in their posts and characters, all of them fun to browse through. Not to mention a great artist! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - silentruth

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