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Just A Li'l Personal Shoutout...
I've come to make an announcement:
GingerHades is a VERY COOL PERSON! She's my favourite, in fact. That's right, she's my favourite person, and she's been my close friend and writing/worldbuilding buddy for years, and she makes me go ":D!!" whenever I think about her. So I'm making a callout post on my RP Repository dot com: Hades, you are super cool and I love you! To anyone else reading this, I'd highly recommend checking out Hades' characters, and starting an RP with her if you get the chance.


Hey hey! Local chaos gremlin/Fae creature here. :3 I hope you're doing well, whoever and wherever you may be. Under the collapse tags below you can read a bit more information...
  • My name is Rain; feel free to either call me that, or Fae, or whatever you want, really.
  • Pronouns: they/them.
  • Timezone: Pacific Standard Time.
  • Witch (real) (true) (not clickbait.)
  • Ga(y)mer.
  • Wannabe musician and voice actor.
  • Be gay, do crime.


(The basic things one would probably want to know about the way I RP.)
  • My post lengths vary; one paragraph at bare minimum.
  • 3rd-person, past tense.
  • I will only RP here on RPR, not Discord or anywhere else.
  • 1x1 RPs yes, small groups maybe, large groups probably not.

(The things I will and will not be okay with including in RPs.)
Heck yeah!! (My favourite things to RP.)
  • Science fiction.
  • Fantasy (particularly modern or high fantasy.)
  • Platonic relationships (for example, friendship or found family.)
  • Adventures.
  • General shenanigans.
  • Light-hearted or comedic stuff.
A resounding maybe... (Things I sometimes like to RP, or will only RP situationally.)
  • Dark topics (should be discussed beforehand to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the specific topic in question.)
  • Fandoms (that I am familiar with.)
  • Isekai.
Hmm... (Things I don't usually like to RP, but this is not a hard no.)
  • Completely realistic/mundane modern-day settings.
  • Combat scenes (because I'm not very good at writing them.)
  • Romance.
  • Psychological horror.
Nope. (Things I will never be willing to RP. These are non-negotiable.)
  • Sexual content.
  • Intense gore/body horror.
  • Non-stop combat.
  • Fandoms (that I am unfamiliar with.)
  • Realistic historical settings.

Aaaand that's about it, I think.
Seeya around! Take care! <3

Rave Reviews

So I've been on this site for about ~3 days and honestly they're one if the best writers I've had the experience of typing and talking with! In the rp they're and amazing writer and can mirror match and beyond that which motivates me to write more the next time!
Out of the rp they're fun to chat with and generally and our with. 100/10 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - directly_dummie
Faedreamer is a downright wonderful roleplay partner! Their character is well made and they always make sure to write enough to keep the rp going. I haven't been roleplaying with them long but they've been amazing to rp with the whole time! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - theliquidtoad

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