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Hi. I'm me. I don't really know what to put here, despite this being the third iteration of my bio. I eat food, and drink most liquids. I'm not a hyper-intelligent llama, despite what some may tell you. I don't really understand compliments and the like, and I don't know how to respond to them. I've been on this site for a year or so, and prefer Fantasy rps. That's about it.

Also, despite only seeming to have three characters, I’ve quite a few anonymous ones. Feel free to pm me with a rp request, as I’m up for pretty much anything, really. There are some things I’m not willing to do, but that’s open for discussion. Usually. I’m a bit of a pushover, so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince me to do something.

Rather than having some anonymous ones, I have, well, seven. Feel free to ask me about them if you want to, or don’t, completely your decision. I already said feel free, didn’t I. Try and ignore that, please.

Rave Reviews

Cutest burrito ever. Great Roleplayer. Responds fast and amazingly creative. *Winks* Nice guy and a good friend to me ^^ Cute smol bean (get it? In a burrito?) ❤❤❤ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aaricia

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