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PLEASE NOTE: Due to personal issues, i'll be offline for an undetermined amount of time. I'm sorry to anyone in an rp with me, and i'll try to be on when I can.

Little warning, i'm incredibly awkward, so if you read on, beware.

Times I'll be on:
Weekdays: Usually anywhere between 7:00-3:25, Central Daylight Time.
Weekends: Who knows? Not me, that's who.

Stuff I will/wont do:
Always: Fantasy
Sometimes: Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Maybe: Romance, Modern, Mind Control/Reading
Never: Plotless Junk

Some Things Nobody Cares About:
I have absolutely no idea how to react to compliments
I have a dog.
I take care of two feral cats.
I don't curse much.
I'm straight
I like the color red
I was born in April
I only play male characters

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