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I'm Fairy or fey.

I'm a Dungeon Master for round about five years (probably more). Usually D&D 5e, but currently also dabbing into other systems and even GMless frameworks.
However, due to me almost always playing the NPCs I'm craving for some RP.
Especially with characters I haven't played in a while.

I love creating worlds and lore and tossing challenges at my players.
As a roleplayer however, I enjoy relationship development, slow burning romances and really organic evolvement.

I'll try to answer at least once or twice a week, but sometimes life gets just in the way, though I'll try to let you know if something comes up.

Also I'm super patient, though I'm very happy if I get a quick notice. We all have a life and this is a hobby.

Additionally, I love ooc chatter and fawning about the RP and plotting. It just makes me happy, so if you're not so much into this I might not be the right writing partner for you.

Also English is not my mother tongue, so errors might come up, but I'll always give my best.

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