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  • Gender: Female

I like to rp but take my time in making sure the reply is perfect and that im happy with it.
Im usually a very bubly person and hyper, i enjoy writing and singing. I have been roleplaying for about 10/11 months.
My rules are very simple:
i hate one liners, like just no, just stop. I expect the minimum of like 5 lines per response.
Longer responses are much appreciated.
I might stop replying if i lose interest.
I am a person that gets distracted a LOT. so don't worry, if we have a good rp on going where we both are interested in it and then i dont reply, then i probably have my response all done but i just forgot to send it. (Happens quite a lot)

Right, so for the types of rps that i like. I enjoy drama, action, and a bit of romance. Honestly im just okay with almost everything so yeah just tell me what type of rp you want to do.

I can be very awkward. Just putting it out there.

also i swear i have my character fully developed but i just am not familiar with the layout of this site since i always just have my character planner in like word or some similar app.

Thats basically it

I also am always confused and i have no idea how to work this website so if anyone can help hmu.

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  • So glad she reached out on RPR as well! I have written with Ella on a different site in the Harry Potter universe, and she’s a delightful pink-haired menace to play with! Always ready with a witty and cheeky comment, Ella (as I have come to know her) is a talented...
    -- DorianM

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