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Angel is a phenomenal person, both in character and out of character. She plays her characters -so well- that they make you feel on a level that is so deep and raw and primal that you walk away feeling shifted and shaken, like they had made marks on your heart. Out of character, she is the most precious of beans who will drown you in memes and delight you in her sweetest PG-swearing, all the while making you feel like you matter, that you're important, and that you have worth. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - BrandyCat
Beautiful, genuinely kind and excitable - and that's barely scratching the surface. Our first interaction swiftly snowballed into a fantastic friendship that I am so incredibly fortunate to have. Angel is an extraordinary person and I absolutely love her guts. Not only is she a great friend, but it has been an absolute privilege to write with her. Hers is easily some of the best writing I've experienced in all my years of RP. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Elle

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