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I am slightly off kilter. I have a squeaky bunny in my ear and a pocket Daem in the other :D

Rave Reviews

Can we just talk about how much I adore your worlds and characters? Because they are just amazingly awesome, and there are still so many I've yet to even meet.

You've been wonderful to write with, and have never been afraid to try new ideas. Plus, your characters are genuinely enjoyable and funny! I always have a good laugh at their antics, and it is just way too much fun to pick on them!

You have such a beautiful, creative mind. I always look forward to roleplaying with you, Spoozy! <3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - FeatheredFantasy
Well, cracks fingers and prepares to take this wall's cherry.

I've known you for nearly a decade and what a wondrous bit of writing we have done in that time. From the good the bad and the ugly and it never gets old. You have a wondrous universe with gorgeous and loveable characters to whom I adore greatly. I will enjoy any escapade within it's boundaries so long as I get my Spooze to come with. :D Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Noctem-Tenebris

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