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So my name is Fallen. (If I get to know you more I will tell you my name but it’s kinda weird)
I’m on here to have some fun and try out new types of role play. I recently got into the supernatural side of it and that’s what I’m primarily interested in...but as I said I’m trying new things so don’t be scared to approach me with ideas😄
I live in the U.K. so my time zone is more than likely totally different to yours. I apologise and try to reply as often as I can.
My interests
And off course role play!

Don’t be shy! Pm me. I like to try out new things or even just have a chat if that’s what you want. I’m an introvert. I don’t know if that comes through in my rp (I don’t think it does) but if it is...tell me. If you have gotten bored of a current rp. Let me know. We can change it up or do an entirely different rp. I’m very laid back and am normally cool with most things! So again don’t hesitate to pm me. If I for some reason am against an idea, I’ll let you know as politely and nicely as possible.

That’s all I can really wrote about myself now.
I hope to be meeting loads of you soon.

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Not only do I want to return the amazing kudos Fallen has given me, but I would like to bring attention to what an amazing roleplayer and person they are! I have done many role plays, but the one I do with them is the best I have gotten to do it a while! You’re amazing!!! :) <3 - JacksonHallow87

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