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A little warning about me: Due to the fact that I work for a company that has been going up and down in popularity and such, I get really busy periods where I won't be able to respond for a numbers of days or a few weeks.

There is not much to say about me. My name is Juliet, but my friends seem to like to call me Jenny, I don't know why though. I love to read, write, and RP. I like to be creative and make the stangest characters I can think of, well that is it. <---If you want to talk to me and I'm not on.

Rping Information
  • Proper grammar is a must with me, I'm sorry but I just can't stand being in an rp where the grammar is terrible.
  • I am a very detailed person and love to write long replies and the such, not saying you have to do the same but I would prefer that you at least try to give me something more to work with and a little bit more than just a couple sentences
  • I'm not actually picky with plots, smut and violence I don't mind, but please tell me before hand if you want to have those in the rp. ^_^ I think that is it.

Character summaries

A female luner demon that looks young but has been around since 1732. Be careful though, she is kind, yes, but she will kill you if you cause her or someone she cares for harm.

Jessie Kormano
A young and sweet looking girl as well, even though that fact she is known as a sin. She has been around since she believes 1912, even though she looks sixteen or so. She died once and she is not letting it happen again.

A woman who seems like just someone living in the oast, when really she is a fallen angel. Casted out of heaven for disrepecting the acrhangels and for other reasons that she won't admit too.

Rozial Jendhaos
A once beatiful inoccent girl that was turned into a vampire by the man she was forced to marry. She drained him of his blood and power, which gave her a different type of craving. She only wants vampire blood but will drink from humans every now and again, but only when she has a hard time finding a vampire to drink.

Rave Reviews

Angel is great! Her cute little character, Summer Winnterson, and my characters Bunny, Kitty, Moose, are acquainted. Angel's other characters are all really cool, and interesting to look at. Also, she was one of the first people to send me a friend request, out of the blue!

Kudos to you, FallenAngel123, for all of these things. :) - Oaky
I have never played with her before, but I love creeping her page, to look at her character art! One of these days, I will have to play with one. - Strangedisease

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