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STATUS— currently very slow on replies. I’m on vacation.

Will be updating my characters, so I will turn them anonymous as I work on them! So don’t worry, I didn’t delete them or anything!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile! I hope we become good friends!

some things about me!

Hello!^^ First things off, is that I’m a adult who is a Pansexual woman. I’m not ashamed of who I am and I won’t hide that. I’m single, with no kids. I live with my best friend and roommate. Me and her are very close friends, we have known each other since we were young. I have a cat, named Thorn! I named him that because I ADORE roses!! He is a very grumpy and unsocial cat. I have a huge obsession with books, movies, tv shows, and artwork. I am trying to teach myself Japanese (which is a lot of self discipline.) I have a ton of DREAMS for my future—which is: Becoming a author, going to Japan, meeting Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan, making my own exclusive artwork, and so much more! I work everyday very hard to try and achieve those dreams! My close friends call me shorty, since I’m only 5’1... but you can call me anything you’d like! I would prefer to Be called Star online. My favorite animals are a crow and wolf, plus my cat. I have a huge obsession with the galaxy and stars and the moon. I love nature and animals, but I hate insects or spiders, plus snakes (sorry little guys). I’m a Christian, and I also believe heavily in the zodiac as well. I’m a raging Taurus! That’s all, really, that you guys need to know about me! If you want to ask questions, I’m all ears!

WARNING — If you are disrespectful to other people, me, others beliefs and ways of living, etc then I will block you and report you. I will not stand for that.
now, lets move onto some rules!


Please respect my rules and please try to follow them. I understand if you make a mistake, we are all human, but I won’t allow it to happen again and again and again!

•••1••• Respect~ I have a huge rule on respect. If you respect me, I’ll respect me. However, I would rather you respect others decisions and ways of life before me. I respect other people, even if I don’t agree with them, because they are doing what they believe in and I respect that they are true to themselves.

•••2••• Privacy~ Don’t expect me to give you EVERY LITTLE DETAIL about my life. I know the internet is dangerous and that you shouldn’t spew that to people you don’t know. Sure, I’ll give you some info— but not my personal information (real name, phone number, email, address, etc.).

•••3••• Maturity~ At least have some maturity in you. I’m not going to listen to someone who is being immature. I understand if you have reasons why you aren’t, and I respect that and I will leave you alone. You have a pass on that. However, if you have no VALID excuse for being immature, then please just stop.

•••4••• Adult themes~ Please, I beg of you, don’t talk to me about your sex life or anything sexual. Sure, you can talk to me about marriage or love— but not sex. That makes me uncomfortable when it is OOC. I can talk about it if 18+ themes will be in our RP, but I don’t want to know your personal life with all that.

•••5••• Drama~ Do NOT talk to me about Drama OOC. I don’t want to listen to someone complain about another person. If they annoy you, or etc, then just don’t talk to them and give them a reason. Maybe try to talk it out with them!

•••6••• Fighting~ I don’t want to fight with anyone, and I won’t. If you try to rile me up, I will stop responding. If you continue to bug me, I will block you. However, I will try to explain myself. I will apologize if I am in the wrong. I will do the right thing.

•••7••• Rules~ Okay... I’ve had this issue MANY MANY times in the past. What is it? Well, no one follows RP or OOC rules I set out. Just.. please. I made them for a reason. I understand if you make mistakes, but don’t just do it because you disregard them.

Glad we got that over with! Now, let’s move on to the IC / RP Rules!!

Please follow these rules! If you don’t follow them, I will politely ask you if you can, And if you can’t.. sadly I will not RP with you.

•••1••• Post Length~ I ask for about 4+ paragraphs. I do understand if you can only get to about three, or that you are mentally brain fried. Just don’t do two paragraphs or under.

•••2••• Detail~ I’m asking you to have at least 8th or higher literature. Don’t smash dialogue together when said by different people. Say who is saying it, and if you don’t, split it into another paragraph! Just have detail and write like you have some sense.

•••3••• One Liners~ No. nope. Zero. Nada! No!! I won’t deal with one liners! If you message me one, than I will ask you to please follow my rules or we won’t RP! Give me something to actually work with.

•••4••• Dialogue~ use dialogue. I won’t work with a RP with someone who doesn’t write any dialogue what so ever. I understand if some posts don’t have dialogue because of action or thoughts or etc from the character. If your character is mute, or can’t speak, that’s okay! Just maybe.. make them write out what they say or do sign language.

•••5••• Adult Themes~ Smut, adult themes, 18+ anything is only for characters and users of RPR who are over 18. I will not RP that stuff with Minors!

•••6••• Genres~ I can do any genre! However, don’t expect me to want to do a specific genre all the time! Sometimes I will feel like changing genres or plots. Sometimes I’ll change my favorite genre or etc. please respect that.

•••7••• Ages~ Your character can be any age. You can be any age. I can RP with anyone, but I still ask of you to follow my rules.

•••8••• Fun~ Have fun! Don’t Be a party pooper! Enjoy the RP.

•••9••• Ghosting~ please don’t ghost me! Send me a message if you don’t want to RP or if you will Be gone for a while. Please don’t leave me hanging and making me worry if you are okay.

•••10••• Poke or Boop me~ If I don’t answer, it’s probably because I saw your message and forgot to reply! Please poke or boop me when I don’t reply in three days or more. I don’t want to leave you hanging!

Down below will be a example of my writing.^^ so you all know how I write.
The example given is from a RP I have with RainbowPitch!

Writing Example!

The canopy of the forest didn’t do any good to keep the rain from pelting anyone one who traveled through. Droplets formed into huge drops on leaves, falling down and splattering with a cold feeling. The earth smelled of rain, of pine and leaves. The sodden trunks of the trees let moss thrive as they climbed the surface. If the sun was out, it would shine through the branches and leave shadows to dance across the surface of the earth. Life would glow and reach higher for the sun to reach it. Animals to soak in the sun and warm their bodies. But, it wasn't sunny. Only dark, murky grey could be seen above the thin canopy of the forest, no sun peeking through the thunder clouds.

A girl galloped through the forest upon a muddy brown mustang. There was no saddle, and no harness. The girl just gripped onto the horses mane and trusted the beast beneath her.

Midnight black cloak concealed the girl’s features, falling back and behind her in billowing waves. The clothes she wore was a brown tunic, tied together with black strings of thread, underneath was a crisp white shirt, specks of mud here and there. Her pants consisted of leather just like her tunic, and was tight against her legs but loose enough to move freely in. The boots she wore came the junction right below her knees, worn and muddy by the heinous weather.

The destination she seeks is the village of Gallow Wood. It was a name that caused most to shiver at disgust and question whoever named the town. The girl was one of those people, only she didn’t get her answer.

Horse beneath her neighed, shaking its head and ears flat against its skull. The big, heavy raindrops made the horse agitated and cold. The rider on its back agreed.

I will name some shoutouts to some of the wonderful people on RPR that are my friends, whom I love and respect! (If I spell your name wrong, I’m sorry and please tell me.)

••• RainbowPitch

••• MurkySoulWaters

••• 8_stars_8

••• Pekeaboo

••• ChocolateIceCream

••• elanaperiwinkle

••• Dharlas

••• Lanx12

••• askraprince

••• JustAPlayer

••• Clearlow

••• Azelforest

••• Yura

••• Olivermadscience

••• Sweet_Little_Sock

••• Fuzzhugs

••• Waffleseagreens

••• BluePersona

••• Vali99

••• Birdy99

••• Amethyst

••• Mercyinreach

••• LilyBear

••• ShyDragon

••• Wickedisgood!

(I’ll add more later!)

Fandoms I will do!

Please know that not all of my fandoms will be listed on here. If you want to know more fandoms of mine, ask me.

•••1••• Tokyo Ghoul

•••2••• Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

•••3••• Love Stage

•••4••• Junjou Romantica

•••5••• Yona Of the Dawn

•••6••• Uta No Prince-Sama

•••7••• Death Note

•••8••• Fairy Tail

•••9••• Inuyasha

•••10••• Violet Evergarden

•••11••• One Punch Man

•••12••• Diabolik Lovers

•••13••• Prince Of Stride

•••14••• Attack On Titan / AOT / SNK

•••15••• Assassination Classroom

•••16••• BHNA / My Hero Academia

•••17••• Hunger Games

•••18••• Throne Of Glass

•••19••• Maze Runner

•••20••• BTS / ARMY

•••21••• Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)

•••22••• Marvel Movies

•••23••• DC Movies

•••24••• Warrior Cat Series

•••25••• Harry Potter

•••26••• Twilight

•••27••• Dramatical MURDER


Down below will be some rules and preferences when we RP a FANDOM!

Please follow and listen to these!

•••1••• Cannon Characters~ I will play Cannon Characters, but not JUST them! I want to play my OC as well. I also want my OC to have a part of the plot or story or just damn anything!

•••2••• Expectance~ Don’t expect me to know EVERYTHING about every fandom! Yes, I know a lot, some fandoms I do know everything (I like to think that way) but not every fandom of the world!

•••3••• Basics~ At least know the basics of the Fandom. what is it about? What are the details? What are the main characters? Etc. Know the basics.

That’s pretty much it. I don’t have a lot of rules for that one.. but the OCC / RP RULES still apply for this!


Rave Reviews

Starish is a very creative and daring person, I think, considering that she had an entire fantasy world planned out for her character’s backstory. Also, she has been rather patient with me, especially considering that we are doing a medieval roleplay and I am completely new to this genre still. Her roleplay style is very nice as well; there is always enough material to work with and it is never a struggle to think of something to write as a reply when roleplaying with her. - Birdy99
She is literally so sweet, our RP is so cute and she has to be one of the nicest RP partners ever! She is easy to get along with and super understanding! I definitely think being her friend and Rping with her is the best!! <3 <3 Not to mention she is extremely creative and I love that! - askranprince

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