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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 36
  • Birthday: September 21

I am on here to make some new rl friends..and improve my writing skills and to have fun with rp

Reasons I get slow at replying
1. work
3. house cleaning
4. tending to my pets
5. tending to my kids, yes I am a single mom don't hate me for it
5. gaming
6. running errands
7. doing college work
8. meditating and clearing my head..very important so i can rp better
9. on another rp site
10. writers block
I promise my grammar is much better once an rp gets going.

I enjoy action, comedy and erotic rp..
I am a big fan of dom and sub rp..and serious relationship rp as well.
Modern is also one of my favorites.
I enjoy abuse and humilation, or love and support..
If I play dominate. please let me know your kinks and limits..if you have none my characters can be pretty rough..depending on who I rp as.
Keep in mind all of this is rp only, I would never encourage nor do I support abuse or human bondage in the real world.

Rave Reviews

  • A really great, fun experience. I befriended Fancie after seeing a bulletin saying her rps had died. So I approached her. Found out she was very open to all sorts of things others may not be. And we started writing together and I love our stories together. She’s a...
    -- RedLikeRozes
  • She's kind and easy to talk to, her RP clearly reflects this, I encourage anyone to RP with her.
    -- 0089

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