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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: November 11

Oh well hey there!

I'm a 20-something wife and mom, and I've been RP'ing since..uh....forever. I'm old, I know. x.x
(So, I prefer my friends/RP partners to be AT LEAST 18. )

My current favorites are:
-Fantasy (medieval or modern)
-Apocalypse (zombies are my preference, but I love the genre in general)
-Slice of Life (short or long term)

My Rules:
o1. Be 18 or older.
o2. Be friendly! I love getting to know the people I write with. Let's be friends!
o3. Be patient. Having a kiddo and a husband and a job, my life can get hectic. I may not be able to get you replies every single day. But I will let you know if I'm busy.
o4. Don't ghost me. As I said, I'll let you know if I get busy. Please do the same!

Other Details:
- I don't have many limits. I love drama, I love romance, I love some violence, I don't have any issue with characters using foul language. Please let me know what your limits are!
- Doubling is not necessary, but I love to do it. More characters make our RP more interesting! <3

Soooo, please feel free to message me! I love new friends, and I love new role plays :D

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