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(Artist Unknown, taken from tumblr)

I don't know how really to explain it. Trying something new, changing a few things..

Once upon a time, I was someone else. I still go by Fiara. I am still just as open to conversation, and just as busy as before. In the wake of the Fires in Northern California, I am trying to take a healthier step forward in my life. I have limited availability, so please pardon late responses that only account for a few days of the week.


I crafted a horror project with a majority of my characters involved around what I have yet to completely name called THE GAME. Please check out the Game Master for more information.

So far, seven out of eight of my characters are related to and connected to THE GAME. The only one not involved is Edana Flynn, and I plan to keep it that way.

I am currently looking for anyone to help me build up the structure and story behind Ghost. Please take a look there if you are interested in helping me :D

Pictures are property of their true owners, are otherwise distinguished as used with specific permission or are my own. If anyone was interested in doing an art trade, hit me up!

Rave Reviews

I am currently RPing with her, and I gotta say, she honestly becomes the character. She always has a twist, and her character's don't just do, they have reasons. Thoughts. And I love it! - Nijb17
What a fun person to Roleplay. A very enjoyable and enduring person no less! Plus. Check 'em out! - Asroc

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