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My name is Farrah ic/ooc. I have been a long time player on the game Furcadia. I was 12 at the time I started, and am now in my 30's! I'm happily taken OOCly, please do not mix ic with ooc feelings. I am always up for new friends / family! Please do not hesitate to ask me Q's!


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  • Farrah (played by Farrah) has made the acquaintance of Akiyama Kitamura (played by floofehkitsune).(About 4 days 8 hours ago)
  • Farrah gave Kashurra (played anonymously) kudos!
    "Kashurra is a doll! <3 She is one demon I will put forth time and effort with. n_n Kind and understanding Fast responses"
    Farrah also gave kudos to Kain Bluemoon (played by Shule).(About 1 week 22 hours ago)
  • Farrah gave oldmusic kudos:
    I swear, this lady made a situation of mine that turned sour out to look at the brighter side of things. She really is a doll, and I love her sense of humor!! I would love to high five her over and over! xoxo Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    (About 1 week 2 days ago)
  • Farrah befriended SarahFlame(About 1 week 3 days ago)
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