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I'm just a girl looking to have fun roleplaying with lots of interesting people.
I mainly RP BxB because I love my gay children! :P

Have a great day!

I'm very sorry to all of the people that I'm RPing with that I haven't responded to in a while! I've been trying to figure out some stuff in my life recently along with dealing with worsening mental health issues. If it's been a while since I've last responded, feel free to let me know! Also, I sometimes think that I've replied when I actually haven't so that could be another reason that I haven't replied yet.

I recently found this Sanders Sides Animatic and I flipping love it!

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Look at this girl here! When we first started rping, she was only 17 and I have to say, I couldn't tell! Her writing is excellent and the perfect amount of lengthy with character thoughts and feelings without being rambly. She helps with the plot, and yes, she's usually quite quick to reply. But, she also sticks around which is what makes rping with her worthwhile ~ Creative ideas Fast responses - Murkysoulwaters
She's super nice and her characters are interesting! I haven't been roleplaying with her too long, but she's fun and gets into character! Plus, it's nice to roleplay with someone who's as fast as me XD - JSilentpanic1104

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