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Who am I?

I am a digital fantasy artist. Always learning, always trying to improve.
I am a builder of worlds. A lover of creating and developing stories to share.
I am a roleplayer. A writer who loves exploring other's worlds, and sharing my own.
I am a creator. Through art or writing, I thrive on expanding and building wondrous things!

Call me Kaku, the resident squeaky Featherbun!

Want to roleplay?

I am open for roleplaying with new people! So if you're interested, just ask!
I primarily have two worlds that I play, but I am always up for exploring other people's worlds as well!
I enjoy Fantasy focused roleplays, whether Medieval or Futuristic!
My preferred way of roleplaying is through discord. PM me if you're interested!

Who are my characters?

The characters I play are all part of my own original species and world!
I have many, many characters. Far more than what you see here on this site.
Many of them have been in development for nearly 20 years.
You can view more of my characters on my Toyhouse account, if you're curious to see them!

What are my headworlds?

I have crafted two worlds for my characters and their stories.
The first is Ayvenfael, which is where the main bulk of my character's stories originate.
The second is Fayvirnoc, which is part of a futuristic setting that I am actively developing.
If you are curious to learn more, feel free to ask me!
When it comes to roleplaying, I don't mind if you wish to explore my worlds,
or wish for me to explore yours!
I'm very flexible when it comes to RP settings!

FeatheredFantasy's Characters

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Rave Reviews

There is so much I could say and yet, text limitations.

I adore your world and have been supremely honored to take a gander into its fold. To experience your rich cultures and equally fun and exciting characters.

You are not afraid to grow and receive challenge, and in the short time I have known you, have been an extraordinary friend.

Thank you for all the amazing you are,

Even if.... You're my Lakusiracha X'D Creative ideas Long-term partner - Noctem-Tenebris

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    Can we just talk about how much I adore your worlds and characters? Because they are just amazingly awesome, and there are still so many I've yet to even meet.

    You've been wonderful to write with, and have never been afraid to try new ideas. Plus, your characters are genuinely enjoyable and funny! I always have a good laugh at their antics, and it is just way too much fun to pick on them!

    You have such a beautiful, creative mind. I always look forward to roleplaying with you, Spoozy! <3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas
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