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Hey everyone!

Just a few things that all of you need to know is the name I go by is Ash which I am trying to figure out how to change on here, my pronouns are They/ Them, my time zone is EST.

I will mostly be on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but I will try my best to be on during the rest of the week but can’t really promise anything at the moment. Busy with crocheting and working on all of my writing so the rest of the week I’m mainly focused on all of that.

Also, I have Wattpad too that you guys could message me on for role plays. My username is Ash_Lyric_Prue

Rave Reviews

I recommend to rp with her when it comes to hero rps, and to talk to her as well, she's very friendly, so in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior
Felicia is roleplayer who gets out pretty quick replies. If you want a story that progresses quickly and can make a lot of progress this girl can get it done. She has always been patient with me since I am pretty slow with replies. However, that has never dulled the story. I am happy with what we have written and hope it continues for some time more. Concise posts Fast responses - Krispythekritter

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