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I’ve been asked multiple times what my pronouns are…. I do go by all pronouns though so whatever you feel comfortable calling me I’m okay with it. Also been asked a few times my time zone…. I’m EST!

I crochet and write books a lot so I am more focused on that for now instead of role playing…. I will still do role plays but yeah, so to everyone who is upset about hearing that I’m sorry.

I also want to add that I will only be on for a few hours, 5 at most, during the week. I will be on much more during the weekend though!

Rave Reviews

It has been just over a week since we started to rp. The rp came together and now is one of the best I have ever been a part of. Felicia_Marie2000 is an amazing writer and becoming a great friend. Wonderful writer Fast responses - DukeKagan
WOWOW! I've only done one RP with this girl but it's so interesting and fleshed out. We are only a little bit in but already the plot is so juicy and exciting. Excellent RP and all round nice person too. :) - CrimsonRydeR12

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