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Hey guys! My name is Ash (trying to change name on here), I am the owner of this account. I go by they/ them/ their, I’m nonbinary too. I would also like to add that I am becoming an indie author (self-publish author) and on top of that I am also a crafter.

I will only be on at night from now on!

Book Recommendation(s):
Carnivorous Cupid (ANGRY GREEK GODS: Book 1) by Stephanie Rose
Wandering Souls (Atlas Cliffs: Book 1) by Angela Van Liempt
Uncharted (The Pirate & Her Princess: Book 1) by Alli Temple

Rave Reviews

Felicia is roleplayer who gets out pretty quick replies. If you want a story that progresses quickly and can make a lot of progress this girl can get it done. She has always been patient with me since I am pretty slow with replies. However, that has never dulled the story. I am happy with what we have written and hope it continues for some time more. Concise posts Fast responses - Krispythekritter
An awesome roleplayer indeed! Her characters are well made and unique, and it makes our roleplay awesome! You should roleplay with her sometime! - MangoNekros

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