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  • Gender: Gender Fluid
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: December 24

Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? *puts pencils in my mouth to make teeth* I'm a walrus! *smiles and the pencils fall out, laughing a little* Sorry I had to.... I love the Breakfast Club!


Honestly I don't even know what to put here....

Okay! Okay! Uh....

Hello all you beautiful people out there! My name is Felicia Marie and I would like to welcome you all to my profile! Here you will find some amazing characters (I think anyway) AND *drum roll* CRAZY OLE ME! *giggles and makes a funny face*

*becomes serious* Alright uh.... Sorry I'm terrible at this kind of thing.... I'll get through it though!

A little bit about myself....

As you know my name is Felicia Marie but refuse to say my last name.... 18 years old but soon to be 19. *whispers to self* Wow I'm old.... *laughs a little* Um.... Hm.... Sorry I'm trying to think....

Okay well I can't really think of anything else to say.... I mean though I am taken by my Buppy (MrFalcon)! I love him so much and nothing is gonna ever change that! Buppy if you're reading this I love you! Love you more then you know! *smiles and blows you a kiss*

Alright I guess that's it for now.... Bye y'all! *waves*

Wait! I got one more thing....

One of my best friends who I know irl too is Chewbacca! Go follow her if you haven't already! Her and have been friends since I don't even know when.... I mean it's been a very long time that her and I have known each other.... Anyway.... She's an amazing person and I love her like she's my sister. Chewbacca if you're reading this I love you girly! *blows you a kiss too*

Alright now bye guys! *disappears*

*appears again* Okay sorry.... I want to add something else to this.... If you don't already follow these two amazing people I suggest you do! Follow MangoNekros and LittleMouse, two people who I consider friends.... I mean who couldn't love these two amazing people anyway as much as I do! They're like family to me.... Meeting these two I wouldn't change the world for.... They are just perfect.... I can't even put into words how perfect they are! If you two are reading this right now.... I love you guys so much!

OKAY! Now I'm done! *laughs and disappears*

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  • I recommend to rp with her when it comes to hero rps, and to talk to her as well, she’s very friendly, so in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • An awesome roleplayer indeed! Her characters are well made and unique, and it makes our roleplay awesome! You should roleplay with her sometime!
    -- MangoNekros

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