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I have been roleplaying for about twenty years, much of it in a text format such as used on this site. I love telling a good story with interesting characters, drama and the lot!

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  • FictionWeaver created a new character: Mikeal Amross (played by FictionWeaver)(About 2 weeks 4 days ago)
  • FictionWeaver gave MoonKunoichi kudos:
    I have not been playing long with Moon, however, it is clear that she is an excellent writer that writes compelling posts. She has helped us create a great start to what will doubtless be a great story we are crafting together.

    She is open to ideas and it is a lot of fun scheming such with her. She has plenty of good ideas of her own.

    You should definitely strongly consider writing with her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 2 weeks 4 days ago)
  • FictionWeaver created a new character: Hades (played by FictionWeaver)(About 3 weeks 1 day ago)