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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: December 31


I’m a 26 year old gamer, cosplayer and crafter. I currently work full-time as a receptionist in a family practice office while doing my creative stuff on the side. I’m happily in a relationship of eight years with a handsome blonde. <3

As for games, I love anything with a story. My main favorites include:
-Detroit: Become Human
-Harvest Moon
-Legend of Zelda
-Professor Layton
-Phoenix Wright
-Any horror game
-Dead by Daylight
-Animal Crossing

I enjoy anime and tv shows as well! My favorites are~
-My Hero Academia
-King of the Hill

Oh, books too! Liiike,
-Harry Potter
-American Gods
-Inkheart series
-Dresden files (haven’t finished yet)

I’ll probably add more to all of this as I think of it. I look forward to meeting everyone!

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